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Led lights have become very popular with their diverse applications for different illumination purposes now days and you can actually check out many products under this category like led spot lights, led blubs, led flood lights, led dimmables and many more to meet your lighting requirements. These lights have become popular due to high life span and low electricity consumption allowing the users to save a lot on their power bills. They use very little energy but emit high powered lights with environmental friendly features and energy rated A. The led commercial downlights are now being used as replacements to the traditional CFL downlights as the led flood lights come in stylish finishes and high quality outputs that can be used for different applications in places like commercial offices, conference and meeting rooms, retail showrooms, hotels and shopping malls.

led flood lights

Similarly, the commercial led tube lights are also a great replacement for the traditional fluorescent tubes and like them don’t require any starters or ballasts to light up and just use the direct 240v to function. These commercial led tube lights include 72 pieces of 2835 surface mount diodes which has the capacity of producing approximately 950 lumens flux from the light source. These tubes come with a capacity of 50,000 hour life span and just use 10 watts electricity offering a great save on the power consumption for the users. By using this led tube lights there is no doubt that you can save up to 94% energy compared to the regular halogen bulbs and the aluminum housing offers better heat dissipation and reflectivity. All these led spotlight bulbs come with a 2 year warranty and meet the RoHS compliant and CE certification. Though the initial price is more compared to the regular tubes you can enjoy maximum savings in the long run.

 dimmable led driver

The dimmable led driver can be used to control the led lighting systems from the voltage fluctuations and also converting the AC power into appropriate DC voltage suitable for the lighting systems. These led drivers can be easily fitted in the junction boxes to handle the power load and supply suitable voltage to the led lights. The drivers can also control the dimming and color changing functions of the led strip lights kit uk by changing frequency of the power supply. The dimmable led driver also helps to enhance the lifespan of these led lights by supplying correct voltage for its optimal performance.

Thus you can check out for reliable online stores offering you a range of these led lights to find different models and capacities to suit your illumination requirements both for residential or commercial usage.

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