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Turn to kiln area behind a little house of two floors of the building of the former, look up a look, see the door hang yellow dragon coal development co LTD, hot stamping big brand. From the office building looks, also is the general cement house, but walked into office on the second floor of the ShuJianJun, ZhouZhengQuan just couldn't help in the in the mind secretly exclamation up. There are not only here LaoBanZhuo, mahogany, senior big sofa, big color TV sets, big import refrigerator, air conditioning, and two large mural ark of the antique treasures, put a ZhouZhengQuan see dazzling, not find humbling, himself a do township party committee secretary, relaxing on every day, a decorated office don't say what, even two decent chair are not. This also mention, and the anxiety, fear where out of the LouZi, prostrate. And the last name of a "than, the township party committee secretary is not man's work.

ZhouZhengQuan said: "easy boss, I as long as there is in the luxurious air blessing you in the office of the time for the life, will be content." ShuJianJun said: "old classmates you don't make fun of me, I a draw out of coal, WuZhi has no right to, which be like you as big of a tube, secretary of the party group for you, water and soil, one of the more how down, down." ZhouZhengQuan said: "where have you said so god? I the secretary is cao cao bowl of the poor, tasteless, abandon a pity."

But ZhouZhengQuan turn to, ShuJianJun say is reasonable also, the stream in the turf, he ZhouZhengQuan also be supreme. So a want to, the in the mind this just better some.

Go on eating out is inevitable in drink wine that one. ZhouZhengQuan because that day with ROM director drink, stomach problems haven't recover, only a few token mouth. Although he was only do, but in border stream, his official seal up top, so ShuJianJun and shaw is forced to start bad, they will respect ZhouZhengQuan wine, by QuHongDe all depends. Push the cup in light of be son, ZhouZhengQuan took the opportunity to put up the hill to the main purpose of ShuJianJun said said. ShuJianJun said: "you old classmates open mouth, natural didn't get to say. I stream in the open kiln site, what need wood, natural use local materials, purchase of the stream."

Out of the pub, the sun has moved, ZhouZhengQuan and QuHongDe ready to get on the car, ShuJianJun refused to let them go, be sure to please them to its new song hall to sing a few song. Two people ao however, had to KeSuiZhuBian. Into the song hall, ShuJianJun were also asked the two young lady, I don't know the kiln man or the younger sister from dissolute. Start is singing, ZhouZhengQuan sings: "we are still of workers and peasants, came to the mountains, to eliminate the reactionaries......" At the end of the song, everybody clap your hands. Shaw charitable say with smile: "secretary zhou to remote mountains to our to eliminate reactionaries, we have no opinion, I just remind you that you must be careful here, we the reactionaries are female, see you destroy how many points." You smile, smile very ambiguous.

Sing a burst of, shaw with miss beckoned to the expression of something, they treat people to the small dance floor to dance hall. A probably just 16 years old lady came up and the hand of the ZhouZhengQuan. ZhouZhengQuan NiuNi once, like miss into the small dance floor. Dance floor was, only a dark red light, the two men entered, the lady pulled the door curtain, it almost became a wash of the photo dark room. ZhouZhengQuan said: "so dark, miss not afraid I tread on your foot?" Young lady smiled: "boss can really funny." Then he crashes into ZhouZhengQuan arms.

Successively with two young lady in the dance floor several songs, shaw charitable walked to come over, with ZhouZhengQuan jump. Shaw with miss something different, is not a play went to him stick, but kept him at a distance. Collected shaw said: "with the young lady secretary zhou around together, my name is shaw left to the brain." ZhouZhengQuan said: "where where, I will dance, be afraid influence your mood." Collected shaw said: "see you secretary zhou, my mood is very excited, where be affected?" ZhouZhengQuan said: "you have easy boss escorts protect a, some exciting for me?" Shaw to start to say: "you don't see me every day and easy boss together, and that is just a working relationship just."
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