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Cristiano Ronaldo:
He was born in Portugal and have a birthday on February 5. He is 26 years old,and plays for Real Madrid.
Former clubs: Andorinha (Childhood Club) 1993-1995
                              Nacional 1995-1997
                              Sporting Lisbon 1997-2003
                              Manchester United 2003-2009
Full name: Cristiano Ronaldo dos Santos Aviero
Today he plays with the number 7 which is his favorite number, And did he also in Manchester United. He is also very famous for his amazing dribbling, and hismany many goals. In Manchester United, it was to 84 goals. And Real Madrid is now 117 goals. He is the world's best player along with rival Lionel Messi, and they constantly compete to win the gold ball
As Messi got this year. But in return got Ronaldo golden boot, Who is the one whohas scored more goals this year. Real Madrid leads the league with 7 points overarchrival Barcelona, ​​And Barca can not manage to get it. Latest match: RealMadrid-Levante 4-2 La Liga the 2012th

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