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2012 Draft second day observations

No. 33: Brian Quick, WR, Rams. No team needs help at receiver more than St. Louis. Quick has a chance to be an instant starter, if he can develop some rapport quickly with Sam Bradford. Rating: 3

No. 34: Coby Fleener, TE, Colts. Two things going in Fleener's favor: He'll team up with his Stanford QB, Luck. And he'll step into an offense in desperate need of another good set of hands. That said, it's hard to see him as a consistent fantasy contributor in his rookie season. He's not a draftable option, but it wouldn't be shocking to see him as a midseason free agent pickup. Rating: 2

No. 43: Stephen Hill, WR, Jets. Hill is a true speedster, but it will take him some time to break into the lineup, but Hill has potential, if Mark Sanchez takes the next step in his progression. If Tebow takes over, though, all bets are off. Rating: 1

No. 45: Alshon Jeffery, WR, Bears. Brandon Marshall is the only sure thing among Chicago receivers. That means Jeffery will have a chance to contribute as soon as he's ready, especially if Johnny Knox (back) doesn't return from surgery completely ready. Rating: 2

No. 50: Isaiah Pead, RB, Rams. Meet SJax's new handcuff. Unless the Rams' offense improves markedly, or Jackson gets hurt, that's about the extent of his value in his rookie season. He'll make his mark mostly on special teams in his first year. Rating: 3

No. 54: Ryan Broyles, WR, Lions. He's coming off ACL surgery, and the Lions' starting receivers are pretty secure. He's a project. Rating: 2

No. 57: Brock Osweiler, QB, Broncos. Will compete with Peyton Manning for the starting job in Denver. Wait a minute. No he won't. Rating: 1

No. 61: LaMichael James, RB, 49ers. The Oregon star will really have to dazzle during training camp and preseason to work his way into a legitimate backup role. Both Brandon Jacobs and Kendall Hunter are already lining up behind Frank Gore. Rating: 1

No. 63: Rueben Randle, WR, Giants. As with James, Randle has some other players to vault before he will even have a chance to contribute. Rating: 2

Round 3

No. 64: Dwayne Allen, TE, Colts. Fuggetaboutit. If any rookie TE is going to prosper in Indy, it's Fleener. This ain't Peyton Manning's Colts (or Brady's Patriots). Rating: 1

No. 67: Ronnie Hillman, RB, Broncos. There's a backlog of RBs in Denver, but nobody is truly secure besides Willis McGahee. Hillman's name could surface later in the 2012 season if injuries or mediocre play infect the Broncos' backfield.

No. 68: Devier Posey, WR, Texans. Say goodbye to the underachieving Jacoby Jones, and hello www.officialfootballcowboys.com/24_morris_claiborne_jersey_authentic_black_limited_cheap.html to Matt Schaub's third WR. It's not out of the question that he could jump ahead of Kevin Walter at some point in the season. Rating: 2

No. Graham, WR, Bills. Will mostly serve as a kick/punt returner in his rookie season. Rating: 1

No. 75: Russell Wilson, QB, Seahawks. No thanks. Rating: 1

No. 78: Michael Egnew, TE, Dolphins. Wait and see. Rating: 1

No. 83: Mohamed Sanu, WR, Bengals. Green. Sanu will get his shot, www.officialfootballcowboys.com but it's hard to Morris Claiborne Black Jersey imagine he'll make an impact as a rookie. Rating: 2

No. 84: Bernard Pierce, RB, Ravens. With Ricky Williams bidding farewell, Pierce will presumably be given every chance to be Ray Rice's primary backup. Rating: 3

No. 88: Nick Foles, QB, Eagles. He'll provide depth for Philly, but not for your fantasy team. Rating: 1

Originally published on the blog Fantasy Fools. Ladd's nationally syndicated columns have appeared in more than 20 publications including the Dallas Morning News, San Francisco Chronicle, Philadelphia Inquirer, Chicago SunTimes and Sporting News magazine since 2003. During Morris Claiborne Elite Jersey the NFL season, he can be heard nationwide on Sporting News Radio as host of the weekly "Fantasy Files" program, dispensing his unique blend of wit and wisdom. Since 2009, all his written fantasy content can be found on the Fantasy Fools blog.

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