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Looked Shao Qi come out from the bathroom, I was shocked, from the glamorous ladies before her suddenly turn into a young girl, delicate and fair skin suffused with a slight blush, really, I see, especially pity. I seriously doubt that she is not in there for a layer of skin. Is too jealous of so thick makeup every day, the skin actually also how I feel then called has been a good skin is proud of.Su Yingchun Li Jinbao sit down in the desk in front of, she also sat down opposite. She asked Li Jinbao: tea or coffee? " "Thank you! What you do not have to get together for me today I work for the first time, knew nothing about the situation here, I also ask you lots of advice!" Su Yingchun laugh: "Yesterday we met her, you do not have to be so polite, what advice is not advice? We are here to serve people, Cheap Tods Shoes to wait on the guests satisfaction is our part, guests are not Our God does not matter, just remember that the guests is our god of wealth, our jobs on the line. But today I have some things to talk about your: first, few discipline can not explain to you yesterday, manager when heeded, there regret not selling, late to regret it when the other is the tip into the waiter's tip foreman into the rules of the club, forty percent, to settle a day. collecting tips commission, I will of course rational use and distribution of this point do not you worry. listen to that? " "Understand!" "Of course the outside by his instincts, but also need to have a bed art and skill of our work you and a woman slept with yet?" Li Jinbao head down and whispered: "no." Su Yingchun laughed: "You're still a child? Killed I do not believe!" Li Jinbao flushed to defend themselves: "Is it true! I did not lie to you!" "I did not lie to me better! I'll give you taught from scratch, teaching process, the most important thing you want to observe the reaction of my body from time to time, you only know a woman, in order to serve the good woman. Sorry , let me preempt your cheap. " Su Yingchun finished up his office door closed and locked the door from the inside of the insurance, all to block all attempts peeping eyes outside of the door. Su Yingchun This class teaches a very serious and hard work, teaching time is also long enough to barely over three hours later.


When the office door again opened, Su Yingchun face Spring, Li Jinbao is sweating profusely. Su Yingchun took a towel and handed Li Jinbao: "you just put his head sweat wipe! Let others see you sweat Do not go out after your first performance is pretty good! You have a body blank, energetic, in the future as long as you are willing to work hard, the Fed became a hit, a promising future! After a while I find a few books to take home to give you a closer look at, to add a little book knowledge. " Li Jinbao puzzled: "such things there is the book?" "Of course! Life everywhere are learning! How to research the book of life? Tang physician Sun Ssu medicine has a deeper study, and Bo involving the history of one hundred academic Kanemichi Buddhist. He once said: ' men can not be female, women can not do without male, no female conation, conation, trouble, trouble, 1852, 'there are many ancient type of book, such as' Motome wonderful theory', 'mysterious cave' 'room in mind' and so on. Modern Dutch high-Lo Pei write 'ancient Chinese room test' This Tods mens lace moccasin  is the most famous modern Chinese people can not write sex, but let a foreigner to write this book, so that He pulled one to hold the event, you say ridiculously funny? " Li Jinbao this time opened a field of vision. He felt from the conversation in the Su Yingchun Su Yingchun is not a culture of Women Current generation. Su Yingchun is a complex mixture of her time to talk about the tip divided into Untouchables, she talked about of the great cultural connotation, between her bed brother Enchanting. Li Jinbao was really a bit guess Su Yingchun. Li Jinbao would like: Su Yingchun now no traces of fireworks clubs, maybe she also has what too awkward, can only be left to slowly get to know her. Li Jinbao was about to leave. Su Yingchun stopped him again, a marked change in the tone of voice to speak, a businesslike way: "you lounge in the top of Tung Tau room you do not run around without guests are not allowed go out there from now on, you in our name only with the code, remember that you are on the 11th. " "Dream lady club ten waiters, from the 1st to the 11th. Taboo as the guests, with no fourth. The guise of recruitment of waiters only club recruitment, accurate to say the club is to recruit "master". "Master" from "Miss", "Master," the name of the first and Zuotai "Miss" corresponds to. Ancient "master" known as the "face", the concept of "master" is also addressed as "brother", "duck", "Manhunt", "MB", regardless of how their name, the actual nature, they only for a vest.


Su Yingchun handed Li Jinbao has come up with two sets of uniforms: "This is the clothes. A change and a wash your hair to the second floor salon room re-do something, you need to point wax usually your hair should be kept trace of chaos, a lot of attention to the image of their work! " "I know I'll be right down my hair." Li Jinbao took the clothes away. The clothes are all two of the white shirt, black vest, red bow tie, white socks in black suits, trousers. It seems Shao Qi bottles of thousands of pieces of expensive skin care products, not to buy a fake, no, I want them destroyed, thinking I immediately got up and ran into the bathroom. "Little warm, I warn you Freeze, my few bottles are limited, the money can not buy ..." Shao Qi not want to know what idea I played and she hastily issued a threat to order. I completely ignore the threat of Shao Qi, mercilessly cut out a good one cream go out into the face touch, good things do not waste more than the total right to use. The bathroom door suddenly opened, I was shocked and thought it was Shao Qi came to see the summer to Wyatt, I immediately relieved. She is also ruthless than I am, I just wiped his face, she was even thigh rub, looking at the bottle of lotion so most of my heart is bleeding for Shao Qi, that all the money. "My dear, this is several one thousand bottle ......" I tried to remind her that the price of these things. "Is because it is several thousand of the use." She winked at me, it really cute. I am now scared to retreat out, and to Wyatt in the summer than I really was too good. Lying on the soft bed, my hand could not help but go out into his face from time to time to touch the face, nice na slippery and tender to the touch. It seems expensive skin care products is different Yeah, this effect, thousands of pieces can be considered value. Shao Qi sullen Deng Xiang lying in bed, and summer to Wyatt: "You two really good ~" this statement is absolutely from Chifeng squeezed out of, however, and summer Wyatt did not agree. Unloaded makeup Shao Qi, threatening also followed the rapid decline, and now she in my eyes and summer in order to Yue no different, http://www.todswholesaleukups.org/   Wholesale Tods Shoes also a long point of the normal Xiao Nizi Well, of course, this is only the surface of the Shao Qi how serious I am but one of the largest seen. Shao Qi strong glaring, I finally sat up. "I promise that I only spent a little bit less, and other Yue Yue of ~" I have no against their will to Wyatt in the summer for. GOOD, warm, sister me extra to send you a set of skin care products, and brand your own pick. Wow oh really? "I am overjoyed, before the shadow demons instantly swept away, it seems honest or rewarded. Shao Qi I certainly points the head, and then the line of sight toward the summer to Wyatt: "As for Yue Yue Well tomorrow you pay for." Summer Wyatt still indifferent, for as usual she had jumped up like a baby a loaded wronged, this is not like her character, I pushed her, really not what I thought, she had fallen asleep, it seems that alcohol is still getting bigger. Shao Qi also could do nothing but turned upward and a large eyed, they go to bed to sleep in my next position, her mouth poison, but the heart is still the 'iron' to do, except of course the two of us.

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