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We Take a Look at the Latest Xbox one bundle

The Xbox One Kinect is a great invention. I can’t tell you how many times I’ve wanted to take matters into my own hands when playing a video game.

“If I didn’t have to rely on these buttons so damn much” I frequently grumble, “I’d grab that monster and kick it in myself!”


Irrespective of what the version you’re playing is, this gargantuan pie eater will be there, barring your entrance into a new location until you havesolved some mystery or found him something. If a fat bloke did that in real life, I know that I for one would be first in line to smack him in the gob. We’re not that violent as a society, but we’re busy, y’know?

Maybe that’s how Team Rocket and that lot get started? Perhaps they grew tired of the many, many road blocks in their path, rocks that turn out to be Geodudes, Bug Catchers and Snorlax after sodding Snorlax, maybe one day they just had enough. They are cat lovers after all and cat lovers can’t be bad people, can they?

Well, on the Kinect, you use your body instead of a controller, whatever you do, the character on the screen will do. When you’re boxing or fighting, its your own fist you’re swinging, when you’re running, its your own legs you’re pumping. Now, the Xbox one withmain is giving you the chance to access all of these great products in one place.

That’s right, the Xbox one with kinect bundle is the future of gaming technology. Finally you can get the ‘hands on’ experience you’ve been looking for. The day is finally here where you can play a game without resorting to controllers and other gizmos. The Kinect is here to stay, the future is coming and yes, I know what you’re thinking, the holodeck can’t be far away!

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