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4fb461b74a8a317052012.jpgThe principle of weight-loss drugs meizitang are central nervous system stimulant, reducing food intake, inhibition of diet to achieve weight loss, such as the improper medication will cause liver damage, endocrine disorders, such consequences. Let us learn more about it.

Hormone drugs is to promote the body metabolism and protein degradation and increase consumption to achieve the purpose of weight loss: laxatives and diuretics are forcibly drain the body's normal body fluids by increasing the excretion, rather than excess body fat, often caused by dehydration; food to lose weight more than not suitable for digestion of plant fibers, after taking satiety.

People tend to think weight-loss drugs botanical slim minus the fat, in fact, minus the ingredients also include water and protein, but the poor performance of some obvious side effects, and accompanied by loose skin, coarse wrinkles, minus the water The body will soon be added.

Minus the protein to make muscle function decline. When to stop taking these weight loss drugs, fat, rapidly accumulated (rebound), loss of muscle has not been restored.

Experts warned us: the weight-loss drugs must be combined with diet, exercise, in order to achieve the best weight loss.

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