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Work, Tour And Support All In The Same Time

It is not secret that working from home has become a hot topic in the last few years. Many people desire to work from home and are constantly searching the Internet for ways in which they earn extra cash at home. Because it is such a hot topic, many people target stay at home moms and others looking for legitimate work at home and will derail their efforts by promoting and advertising jobs or work that is simply a scam. Leaving many to feel that there are really no work at home jobs and if there are some, they probably wouldn't be qualified for them anyway.

Most cruises will have one or two formal evenings a week. Men are expected to wear a dark suit or tuxedo; women should wear an evening dress (long or short) or a dressy pantsuit. Men can often rent tuxedos on board. For evenings that are less dressy, women can get away with silky tops and trousers. Be sure to pack a dressy sweater or jacket, especially for the newer cruise ship communications, whose air conditioning can be quite powerful. A pashmina wrap is versatile and provides an extra layer in the evening, and it does double duty as an airplane blanket.


Remote locations, especially in the 3rd world are often hit by extreme weather conditions. It can be very hot in the day and very cold at night. It is important that the remote communication are kitted out with the correct clothing to help them through these conditions.

I've found that the universe eventually provided me with the "how." That's how I, a deaf pilot, was able to earn the instrument rating for the first time in aviation history in February 2006. When I first started flying in 2000, I distinctly remember seeing FAA regulations where it spelled out, in black and white, the two way radio requirements for the instrument rating. By definition, that excluded the deaf pilot population; yet, I affirmed that I was going to find a way around it somehow. What happened was I made a decision that I would achieve it even though it looked impossible at the time.

About ten years ago I discovered my favorite horticultural heaven, The Flower Farm which is located in Gardener, Kansas southwest of Kansas City. This greenhouse and nursery is open year round and you will be able to find anything from tropical plants to your garden vegetable plants. They have a large variety of culinary herbs and medicinal herbs that are sometimes difficult to find.

Having said all cruise ships of this you do not want to be lugging around your whole footwear wardrobe. You need to plan your itinerary and your attire in combination with your shoes and sandals. That way you will have what you need, what is comfortable and won't have a sore back (or sore feet) from having to carry luggage filled with shoes and sandals.

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