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Top Single Parenting Tips

The single parent family statistics from 2005 showed that of the of the father-lead families, 57 percent of them were divorced and 18 percent had never been married. 24 % had remarried and 1 percent were widowed. 92 % of these single fathers earned single parent holidays income for his family, with 74 percent worked full time and 18 % worked part time, with only 11 percent of these families living below the poverty line.

One of the biggest complaints I hear from the majority of advice for single parents is that they are b-r-o-k-e. This fact is understandable because It's no secret that the U.S. is a two paycheck society. As a result, when a couple divorces or if one dies, it affects the pocket book. As a result, If you have extra money and can spare it, adopt one bill from a single father or single mother. It can be the lowest one like a water bill. Either way, it'll help him or her out tremendously.


I was born in a single parent family. My father died when I was two years old. Mother loves father so much that she didn't get remarried. She gave me her whole love. That Christmas Eve, before going to bed, I made a wish to Santa Clause. "this year, I want a pair of boots, Clause. You must know Anny has a pair of boots. She always shows off before us. She said they are UGG boots. I don't know what UGG is. But I am sure you know it. I am so jealous, Clause." At that time, mother patted my head and told me that the Clause would certainly make my wish come true.

My son and I are survivors of a very ugly divorce. She helped me raise him as a single parent quotes. The comfort and warmth of her companionship and love, helped to heal our wounds.

Holding one's own ground can either make the bully find another target or cause the bully to step up the bullying. I found out that some guys backed off while some would go get their big, weight-lifting buddy to "put me in my place." But, by making the bullying more difficult, I was left alone for most of the school year.

Mom and dad listened, counseled, encouraged, and listened some more. "Have you talked to Eke by phone?" "Have you talked to your mother?" (Carlo was from a single parent family and had not seen his father in several years) Mom and dad knew this was a sensitive subject and although they also understood there were cultural issues to consider they felt "what could be the harm in talking?" Carlo seemed to have a fairly level head, he was going to work two jobs while attending school to pay for his flight and expenses, and he knew what he wanted and acknowledged that this was not going to be easy. But he also knew that he had to fight for Eke regardless of the consequences. This was a guy in love.

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