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Outdoor Fun in the Back Yard

Summers are on and holidays have begun. Children are back in their form and so is their yearning for fun. Well kids’ desire to have more and more fun never ends. They always want something or the other to play. The worst thing is that their attention span is too short and they are always looking out for some new thing to explore.

Ok, if you also have been facing this challenge of boredom of your children, then let me help you out.

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Do you have even the faintest idea how you can use your backyard to have ample fun? Yep, I know it wouldn’t have clicked your mind. So, let me share my thoughts on how you can have fun in your backyard.

Here are some ways:

1.     Blackboard and chalk: Well, it is one the best play thing for your kids. Fix a small black board in your backyard and get multi colored chalks. Now you may ask your children to either draw something on the board or write alphabets. The best thing is to do role plays of a teacher and a student.

2.     Leaf Sampling: Ask the kids to collect one sample of each type of leaf (preferably dried and fallen leaves) they can find in the backyard. Now make them arrange leaves in different ways like group of small & large leaves, arranging them in ascending or descending order etc. They may also do leaf printing on some drawing book.

3.     Swimming Pool: Bring above-ground swimming pool and install them in your backyard. If you do not want to spend big amount, go for a smaller pool, inflate it and fill it with water. Let the kids have fund with water games.

Well, the world for outdoor fun doesn’t end here. It’s not that you need to buy and install something in your backyard. Instead looking at the benefits of outdoor physical activities, you may also get involved in some other games with your kids like hide and seek; one bone two dogs etc. Alternately you may also assign some tasks to your children like cleaning or watering the backyard and let them have full fun there.

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