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                                         My hair's sad crisis

 I know that many people are going through this dilemma too. They too, like me, are struggling with worsening baldness and the unfortunate signs of one's hair line diminishing. According to studies, much more than a half of the Americans global are suffering a type of baldness. Due to this, countless people are getting curious about how to make your hair grow faster. When I was entering my 20's, I noticed that my hair line was a bit higher compared to where it absolutely was during my teenage life.

 I didn't pay any mind to this since I thought this was just normal. As years passed by, it became more of an issue than just a simple thing that I have noticed. My friends would often tease me about this. With every tease, I got more insecure about this subject. I have also worn bonnets, headbands, hats or any other hat that can remove the attention to my sad hairline.

 Aside from that, the number of hair on my head started to dwindle. I'd notice that my scalp then was getting more and more visible. I was getting frustrated. My friend gave me a sample of Mira hair oil and since I'm desperate, I decided to try it out. After a few days, I didn't notice any change, it absolutely was just like normal hair oil. However, after several weeks, my sister told me that the volume of my hair is in fact getting thicker. To my surprise, she really was right. It honestly is efficient! What about you? How's your personal experience with Mira hair oil?
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