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Camp Nanowrimo

June is approaching, and I've decided to attempt to get some words on paper for 'Shattered Star', and I've chosen Camp Nanowrimo to do so. Also, in august, I'm doing it once more, however, with another story.I don't know if you know much about nanowrimo, but basically the goal is to write 50.000 wor...


I'm back! :D

I've been away for some time, and it that time, a lot of things has happened.I had a mini vacation in Germany. It was all fun, though, I got the years first sunburn. Sometimes my luck baffles me .I'm in an exam period right now, so with my first exam passed I now only need four more, and then summer...


Second day.

Okay, so this is my second day having this, and I'm trying to be good (LOL) at this. :D The problem is that my life actually is pretty boring.. Though, on 'Rising Star' reached over 10.000 reads. That might not mean much to others, but to me, it means that this is a whole new milestone i...

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Bloggity blog.

Some people say that you never forget your first - in this case I don't think it counts. This might be the very first blog on this website. Though I'm pretty sure it isn't the first I've ever written. (I am actually not entirely sure)- I've bought movies today. Some of my weaknesses are those pretty...

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