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Recipe of Bruschetta From Italian Restaurants in San Luis Obispo

If you are a lover of Italian food, the Italian Restaurants in San Luis Obispo are sure to be your favorite hangout. With lots of dishes on offer, these Italian Restaurants in San Luis Obispo are widely popular for their food, ambiance, presentation, hospitality etc.

Planning to throw a get together party with friends, family and relatives? These homely parties are sure fun where you get to communicate and interact with people in a casual and cozy manner. However deciding for a good menu to go with these casual parties definitely becomes hard sometimes. There is no doubt that you can easily order some of your favored dishes from the best Italian Restaurants in San Luis Obispo, but how about trying something at home?

Trying to prepare some of the yummy dishes that you savor at Italian Restaurants in San Luis Obispo can be an exciting task. To help you prepare a delectable menu of Italian items for your guests, here we bring for you the recipe of an easy yet yummy Italian dish:

The recipe of Bruschetta


  • Tomatoes

  • Onions (chopped)

  • Garlic (minced)

  • Basil (fresh and finely chopped)

  • Red wine vinegar

  • Olive oil

  • Salt, pepper (as per taste)

  • Bread crusts

  • Grated cheese


To prepare this dish, first you need to slice the tomatoes and remove the seeds away. When you have the pulp of the tomato, cut it into small cubes and keep it aside. Now take all other ingredients such as garlic, onions, basil, vinegar, salt, pepper, olive oil etc. and mix them well. Allow it to be kept aside at normal room temperature for approximately one hour.

Now make some toasted breads and spread olive oil on it. Top it with the tomato mixture and sprinkle enough grated cheese on it to make it yummy and tasty. Your Bruschetta is ready to be served among guests.

If you are not a good cook or do not have enough time to prepare by yourself, nothing to worry as there are lots of Italian Restaurants in San Luis Obispo to help you. Make your party a huge success with help of the exciting and exotic food items of the popular Italian Restaurants in San Luis Obispo.

Leave it for at least an hour in room temperature. Prepare the toasted bread and apply some olive oil on it. Scoop the tomato mixture all over the bread and sprinkle it with the Parmesan cheese. It is ready to serve.

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