Mammu - V.I.P
Here you can reed, info about V.I.P


As V.I.P you get:

  • An item shop.
  • Tp commands. 
  • Infinity food.
  • You can make, your own shop.
  • Multiple /set home's.
  • Warps
  • Protection on your house in the wild.
Item shop:

In the shop, can you buy: 
  • Armor
  • Sword's
  • Pickaxes
  • Food
  • Shovel's
  • Hoe's
  • Axe's
To visit the, item shop write: /warp vipshop 

Tp commands:

The tp commands means, that you can teleport to other if they accept it. For an example 
/Tpa (The name you wanna tp to). 
Then you send a, request he can accept or deny.


If your character need food, you can get the food you need, just write: /feed

Make your own shop:

Your can build, your own shop.Put your offer, in a chest. Set a sign in front of it, and write:
 If someone right click, on the sign they buy. And if they left click, they sell to your shop.

NOTE: At price you should write: (B buy price) : (sell price S)
Almost remember to, put a lockette sign on it. 

Multiple /set home's:

As V.I.P you have, multiple /set home's. For example, can you write /sethome 1, /set home2...
To /tp to your home's write: /home 1, /home 2.


You can teleport, to warps. 
  • /warp Vipshop
  • /warp Stadium
  • /warp NoobVille
  • /warp BeginnerTown

Price for 1 month: 2,6 Us Dollars.

Price for 3 months: 6 Us Dollars.

If you payed for 3 months, and the server close when you have 2 months left. You will get your, money back.

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