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Mentalism Magic For Men

Your probably here because you want to learn mentalism and how to perform mentalism magic. Frankly I don’t blame you at the four-minute firm many years and it still blows me away. It’s still incredibly rewarding to choir perform to leave a large audience are even a small audience, just a couple of friends and perform some magic tricks just to see their reaction. Nothing is more satisfying than performing something and you know exactly how you do it and you start to question whether you can sell the act to someone because it seems so simple and if they just knew how you did it they will be amazed at all but you managed to go through and before the acts to see their reactions and the question marks just written all over the face it’s incredible. It’s similar to the feeling you get from winning a huge sporting competition is fantastic and I was so you hate you can also perform magic and specifically ugly how to be a mentalist.

If you want to learn mentalism tricks and be like Derren Brown then you have a long road ahead of year but hopefully by visiting this website I can make that robot as simple as possible there are a lot of fantastic resources available for if you want to learn mentalism tricks even Darren Brown himself has quite a lot of material online reassures you exactly how to do it but most of the stuff is to be far too advanced and you Wanna drink it back a little bit start at the foundations start with the fundamentals of performing magic and then from there you can work your way up and be world famous and world-class if you so desire. I feel I can get in ahead of myself a little bit if you don’t know what mentalism is then its probably have a little bit of a clue right now it is a type of magic and it’s type of magic that people like Chris Angel and Darren Brown perform. It’s a little bit different from the traditional type of magic but I think it’s probably the fastest type of magic growing in popularity today. It’s moved away from little gimmicky tricks towards psychological thrillers. It’s all about the power of the mind what you can do your mind to convince other people that you possess magical psychic powers.


 It’s not just about reading people’s minds you can also read people’s body language and get cues from everywhere else and put it into the acts however you like. Darren does some amazing things if you’ve ever seen his sure he convinces people that they have a different idea are manages to pay with white paper instead of money for goods just from the power of suggestion. He also hypnotises people which to make the process a lot easier brought you never quite know insurers that are recorded how much people are in on it she Take everything for its word. I think Diana was one of the worst offenders that this is where you can clearly see that some of these magic users CGI to be performed or just complete with fake props and everyone is obviously in on it. I ran the scene dynamo perform in the gym and believe me are at the gym goer so I know how the weights looking feel. Dynamo was spotted benchpress in 140 kg and when he moved it off the bar you could see was far lighter from how easy it was to move sideways and back and forth so the whole magic trick was set up and ever and else all the spectators knew that it was and just play along. When a magician is willing to do this I feel it takes credibility away from all of tricks because if you just be doing the same with any trick could just be a fake audience pretending to go along with it so I think it’s a bit of a shame and this other performers you perform much better magic that don’t use confederates to make the magic appear real when it’s clearly say can obviously everyone else is in on it. Don’t get me wrong is they are magic is fake but you don’t need to have an audience in on every time to perform well.

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