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2.to YOU

3. & ALL!

4.And to all others

5.Who are able to understand human mentality.
11.At the present moment,
Human habits have never had a chance to move on from the DARK AGES.
24.Impervious to reason, has made human beings prone to be inconsiderate and nonchalance to understand themselves as well as nature.
25.An outcome of these, have enhanced the human short-comings. Such as visions of deceitfulness, and into denial oneslf the senses of well balanced mentality.
26.The real value of human life is reduced to symbols of manipulations of mental human lives spand.
27.In return, they blame nature to be wicked.
They do not allow themselves to realize the fantastic consciousness, that human being possess. Which on the other hand, is not activated on the side of original nature.
28.Since nature is not able to know what is happing, it can not be responsible for its offspring of human beings, who have all possibilities to live life as human beings, and not a clichè of what life is.
29.Let us liberate ourselves from the mental chains of dark ages, into a free world of mental sanity.
30.In a nutshell: The Keyword is -
Sanity is always a product of Honesty!
8.Here you are with a memoir from Planet Earth.
12. Eversince the first baby emerge on Planet Earth; This baby had no awareness and of the surroundings.
13.It was a big shock for this baby, coming out of darkness without knowing anything.
14.The first contact with the baby was instinctively strong.This led and directed in so many ways
15.Intake of fresh AIR,liquid and so on, were the basic foundamentals of the human life system.
16.Before then, the constitution of human life had already began its toll. All that was needed, was the maintenance of its Life Energy.
17.It did so happened that the Energy of Life, viberated through all the members of the baby body.
18.This made the baby human being very energetic and lively.
19. With all its Beauty
20. It seems to be that; All started from a Black Hole!
If this was a fault, it was not its own.
21. Combination of elements did form the beauty of NATURE!
without a say.
22. WHY?
23. Because of its incapability to know of its own EXISTENCE.
31.In its nature, feeling of feelings are not possible.
But locked in a kind of its own prison cell.
Thrives  only on the axle of natures law.
6.Well! Will You like to share with me, what a human being really is, and how it is to be a human being?
9.It will be my greatest delight for You to have a fantastic Soft Landing.
10.Yet, it is not going to be so easy to absorb; since we ALL are used to certain habits.
32.PLEASE! Do take your safety belts on.Thank you.
33.Simplicity of a Human Being.
Semi-like-steam, condensed through milkyway channel, thus the veins of a man; had multipled in excess of what this man could bear.
34.So the unwanted liquid had to depart from his body system.
35.On its way out through the original sensitive tube of  the man, he felt so honeyed.
36.As there was a woman in the same situation;
They coupled up and her womb did accommodate a first baby girl.
37.Some years later, a baby boy who had no awareness; also through the same tunnel of love laboratory, did enter a land of gold on the surface of earth planet.
38.Planet Earth is composed of so many different sections.
Yet, in general, they are all almost alike.
  Its inhabitants have possibilities to move from one place to another.
39.It has a blessed habitation, so well as its vegetable kingdom and all that go with it.Colourful and enchanting species of nature blossom out with so many technicalities. Formidably fantastic.
40.Without any knowledge of what was going on, the new baby boy child, had already began showing his appreciations in full swing, and so much live kicking in him.
Inner Sanity:
42.THIS! is always in true harmony when real honesty is allowed to play its part in our lives. It does indeed makes life worth living.
43.In anyway, when one is awkwardly circumstanced, or so to say, being compelled by forces of circumstances; the momentum and its weariness, do become bearable with such an uncontrolable joy and a kind of understanding, similar to having a natural viberation of peace within oneself.
44.The less important consideration one takes, the more difficult it becomes for a person to mentain a well balanced mentality. Thereby, a split personality easily occurs.
45.One ends up being what one does not want to be. There again, an unbearable side effect, such as irretation of identity conflect - along with unnecessary hostility of manners.
46.Without any insight of what was going on all around him; as a kid, did behave like a kid. 47. Instinct, curiosity, sensitive feelings and the power of joy; were the significant guides.48. Altogether, they did register happenings, such as a playful thing of  spiral staircases; they became a strong fascination. 49. Just as well, a magic enchantment of an airport with its planes, became also the marvel in his early age.

50.Remembrance of events: A very hard working woman, had to drag her well attached little kid, up and down during her trade trips.51.She was indeed a fabulous travelling saleswoman. Occasionally, there were no place for merriments, but the tedious struggle through rainy nights; due to a broken down vehicle in a muddy area.52. There were times, where wonderful kebabs were exotically prepared and sold out on road-sides. It was an amazement to see all those events taken place.53.Something then happened. During that era, the local custom and nature had not given this little kid-baby, the sense of knowledge of what was going on. So, he could not grab a thing. 54.This remarkable mother of his, had to leave behind all her engagements, which she had worked so hard for; but only to seek refuge in her part of the world. That was a tough turn- around occurrence.55.Somewhat like a sparing partner, mother and child did have each others company.

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