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To be able to analyze how reliable and trustworthy the websites of the oppositition are, you will now learn about how to use the model for analysing. The course will also focus on using the right elements when you produce a website yourself.



  •  Who is the sender?
  •  Who is the receiver?
  • When are you making the analysis?
  • How does the site appear? (form)
  • What is the site about (content)?
  • Why does it tell what it tells, with this specifik content?
  • Put in the www-adress and the date in the analysis
  • Navigationdiagram: draw a diagram over the navigtionen on the websitet
  • The pressed text on the website: what kind of style?
  • The graphical elements: describe the use of different forms of graphics. Are they used as part of the content or as the appearence? 
  •     Media: Is any sounds, videos in use, explain for what and why?
  • Is the site user-generateed? (Can the users add anythinf to the website, communicate with the sender, download material? is there a  blog?
  • Audience: is it clear which audience the website excists for? and how is it customized for this specific audience?
  • Lingvistic modality, metaphors and deixis
Analysens dele er tilpasset fra: "Medier og medieundervisning" - Christine Pilegaard Larsen (Mosaikker til Danskfaget)
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