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We can say that mediums are persons who can allegedly communicate with dead people or the deceased (passed away or dead). However as the messages they bring forth can be explained away by a variety of means other than spirit communication, a degree of scepticism and caution should probably be exercised.

The replies of the messages are thought to come from the beyond the grave and most often intended or directed for the living relatives of the deceased. Typically some mediums seem to be more “accurate” than others and many profess to seeing deceased persons or hearing their voices since early childhood. Some of the Paragnost info could be found in Spiritualistic church claiming that they are in touch with the deceased loved ones of members of the audience. While other mediums work on a one to one basis with their individual clients who expect to make contact with their dearly departed or passed away.

The supposed ability to talk or communicate with the dead does not ordinarily fit very well with the Church. However this is cold comfort to the thousands of newly bereaved persons who struggle to come to terms with their loss and these are the people for whom the medium offers the longed for hope that their loved ones, since departing the earth, are now continuing a happy existence in the spirit world. Many mediums claim that because of the pleasure they bring to the bereaved makes their work highly valid and offers the grieving the proof that consciousness actually survives after the death of the physical body. Many sceptics on the other hands have suggested that Medium are little more than fraudsters and cheaters who actually do little more than prey on the grief and misery of their bereaved clients in order to earn hefty fees from them.

After examining a number of famous and respected mediums at work, in some cases it can be seen that quite a clear pattern of language and question and answer dialogue often emerges.

All of the time language is cleverly and skilfully used to obtain information from a medium's client in order to convince the client that the Mediums really can speak to the dead. There is even a technical term for this type of unwitting information extraction, it is called: 'cold reading'.

Cold reading or the extraction of information from an unwitting client that is then fed back by a medium is certainly one plausible explanation for the medium phenomenon.

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