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(let me just say that''Forside''means''front page'' in Danish! it's because the website is made in Denmark!)

 - And welcome to my twilight Fan-page! if you like twilight, like i do, or

more then LOVE twilight,like i do too, you should be keep doing that!!! XD hehe, twilight changed my life, and i've been a fan of it in three years now! there is Twilight in my mind 24/7! XD

 DAMN I hjerte.png TWILIGHT! !!!!! ! ! ! ! ! ! XD :3




In Breaking Dawn Bella's turned into a vampire(because of Edward), and she gives birth to a lovely little girl! - That's right, Renesmee!- Wich grows with super speed....just like Jacob did.....and soon Renesmee is not so ''small''! Renesmee is half human/half Vampire! she blushes and she is ''very warm'/hot'', just like Jacob.....!


You have to read the book! (Breaking Dawn Book)!  ;D






if you have questions, then you can ask me ''here'' on my Fan-page

Love, the Twi-Freak! ;D  :3'









Twilight ForEver....








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