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Så er der fernisering igen i kulturhuset. D. 23-04-2016. kl. 14,00. I år udstiller jeg kun med et maleri. Som ej er til salg.

Then there is the private view again in the culture . D. 23-04-2016 . pm. 14.00 . This year I exhibit only a painting . As not for sale .5715525a0758418042016.jpg


I går fik jeg den triste nyhed at min elskede mor er uheldbredelig syg af kræft.
Vi fik talt en del i telefonen sammen og hun sagde farvel . 

Det var godt nok hårdt og et farvel der smertede så forfærdeligt meget.

Yesterday I received the sad news that my beloved mother is incurable ill with cancer.
We got a lot of talk on the phone together and she said goodbye.

It was hard and a farewell that hurt so terribly.


Spring rain and sun



These days just hurt


These days just hurt, nothing is going the way i hoped for. 
I have'nt seen my famely for a year now. 
The only thing i have left is the pets. 

The pains from the accident are worse than ever. But i keep fighting and pray that one day i will get the compensation, and hopefully get me a life again.


Fantastisk dag i går / Great day yesterday.

Fantastisk dag i går med mange besøgende til ferniseringen i kultur huset.
Dog var der ikke mere end fire besøgende i dag Søndag, under min vagt. /
Great day yesterday with many visitors at the opening of the culture house. 
However, there were no more than four visitors today Sunday, during my 


Endnu en travl uge er forsvundet. Jeg knokler for at få malerierne færdige til d. 14 maj hvor de skal hænges op. Samtidig starter sommerens mange aktiviteter op igen, og med det en masse frivilligt velgørenheds arbejde. Øens museum og kulturhus starter op med ferniseringen som startskud, Herefter kommer jeg til at tilbringe mange mange timer dernede, dels som kunstner, kustode, fotograf, registrering af oldtidsfundne og sidst men ikke mindst som glas gravør. Det hele kommer så til at kulminere på onsdag hvor jeg ud over lægens afskedsreception, ophængning af malerierne samt at skulle opereres i det døde ben./
Another busy week has disappeared. I work hard to get the paintings finished to on May 14 where they will be hung. At the same time starts the many summer activities up again, and with it a lot of volunteer charity work. The island's museum and cultural center starts with the opening as the kick, then I'll have to spend many many hours down there, partly as an artist, custodian, photographer, registration of antiquities found, and last but not least as a glass engraver. It all comes so to culminate on Wednesday when I get out of the doctor's farewell reception, hanging the paintings as well as having a surgery in the dead leg.




Denne påske har bragt mange tanker og følelser frem, Pigerne var kun hjemme et par dage før de tog turen videre til deres far. Den ældste blev 18 år og er nu det 3. voksne barn jeg har. 
Samtidig er det nu præcist 14 år siden min far måtte lade livet til kræften, og 15 år siden min højt elskede mormor lukkede sine gamle trætte øjne for sidste gang.
Samtidig er min mor nu kommet på plejehjem, hendes hukommelse er helt væk, grundet de mange blodpropper og vores samtaler i telefonen er de samme fire sætninger om og om igen. Det smerter mig så uendeligt meget.
Hvalpene jeg fik sidste vinter har stadig ikke fundet nye hjem, så der er mere end rigeligt at se til.
Trods alt dette, er det som om at tanker og de mange følelser rigtigt sætter skub i den kreative side af mig, hvilket er på høje tide, da ferniseringen i kulturhuset d. 17 Maj er lige om hjørnet, her skal jeg mindst have tre malerier parat til, og er godt igang med det første.

This Easter has brought many thoughts and emotions, girls were only home a few days before they took the trip on to their father. The oldest became 18 years old and is now the third adult child I have. At the same time, it is now exactly 14 years ago my father lost his life to cancer, and 15 years since my beloved grandmother closed her old tired eyes for the last time. 
At the same time my mother now come in a nursing home, her memory is completely gone, due to the many blood clots and our conversations on the phone are the same four phrases over and over again. It pains me so infinitely. 
The puppies I got last winter still have not found new homes, so there is more than enough to do. Despite all this, it is as if the thoughts and the many emotions right boosts the creative side of me, which is overdue, since the opening of the cultural center on the 17th May is just around the corner, here am I at least have three paintings prepared, and is well underway with the first.


02-03- 2012

This day have realy been so special.

It was like the island had a magical spell. All colors in nature was so sharp and bright.

The sun was shining from a cloudless crisp blue sky, and yet the moon was to see in the middle of the day.4f5185908b70703032012.jpg  



This day is so very real special. A day that only appeares every 4. year, this day is it allowed wemen to ask the love for there life for marige, if he says no he must buy her ten par of white glows. 

I have never tryed it,  but think it is a funny thing ;)

Today the twin paintings became finish, so here they aresmiley.gif4f4eb9ca4479001032012.jpg



First of the twin paintings are done and finished, feels so good, having it out of the brain, the last is in good progress, but there are at least a day more before that is done, if it dont tease as much as the first. Looking foreward to set it up in here.

The next show on the island will  be 3. may 2012, so i gues i have a lot to do, before i can put 8 new paintings on the wall in the house for art, here on the island.

And this week will be busy as hell:

tomorrow i have to go to the art club.

Tuesday i have  free work in the youth club, showing how to make jewelries.

Wedensday meeting with the psykic who have promised to help me.

Thursday time at the doctor, and for some acupunktur, he thinks he can bring the feelings back to my leg. So just have to try it.

Besides that i still have a lot of other things to look into, so i doubt that i got time for the paintings more this week.

Damm i am so tired to day. 


Skriv en overskrift


It have been a good day today. Spend the most of the day working on the paintings. The first of the twin paintings are allmost done, i just have to refine the shadows, and the second is done with the background. So looks like i am following the plan.

Was just out with the dogs when time was.

It feels just like the spring have arrived, the birds are singing and the sun are shining. The cats and dogs have spend the most of day playing togehter, using the whole house as theire racetrack, while they where performing the most strange jump and somersoults.

The night is one more of the islands magical nights, there are a million stars in the sky, no wind and not a single sound of any kind. I love those magical nights.

And in a few houers i am in the church pretty tired i gues, but what the heck, there are just me arround, so i can tacke a couple of naps in between the dogs when the painting is drying.


Skriv en overskrift



today you came by and wissit me.

suddenly i could smell you, and I felt your hand gently caressing my cheek. The pease you came with was so nice. But i miss you my life is so empty without you.

I have all the memories with you in my heart and mind, and to day they went back to days before school time, the days where you went to the zoo allmost every day whit me and my brother, and the zookeeper took me behind the cages, and allowed me to help feeding and petting the animals. There are three particular days I remember very well.

The day i was inside with gorillas and orangutans, and gave them juice of the tin cup.

The day i was inside the winter cave for the polar bear and was allowed to hold her newborn cub and after that i touched the lion king. i remember how scared you where, standing out side the cage looking. God i enjoyed that time. Not that you where scared but spending the time with you and the animals.

When i was with you i was alowed to be me, just a normal kid. Mum did always treaded me like i was a doll, and father well some where i think he was sad that hes first kid was a girl and not a boy, he became so mad if i cryed or where sad, or wasnt strong enough.


Life was so easy with you.

And when the school started it was a living hell with all the kids bully me couse i looked like a littel doll.

You were always there to comfort listen and understand me.

My life was so perfect when you were with me.

I know you have found peace and happiness on the other side. But I'm still here caught in between.

I miss you so much.








The sun was shining today. the sun beams light up all rooms and the blackbirds began there amazing songs. I stood and looked out over the ocean, enjoying mr. frost dessapearing.

It was allmost warm in the house, so i desided to go out and talk a littel with the hens and rabbits.

I went out the door, and bang now i just had to stop by the island's doctor and hospital to get patched up my thumb back together, instead. The door had just slam in over my poor finger, it looked not good.

For the moment i just look like puny wimp or a badly wounded warrior.

I hate these accidents, why does it all allways come to me?

But the lady i wrote to yesterday, have answered me, and accepted to meet with me, soon.

Yeahh i looking so much foreward to get a life. It seems like i am on my way to the living.


The twin paintings i am working on for the moment is allso in a good progress. Hope to finish them both before this weekend. So i can get started on the next two orders soon.




Today i had enough.

Once again i had the most terrible night, the pains nearly killed me, but at last i got a few houers of sleep. 

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