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Modern trend setters in the field of architectural lighting

Do It Yourself projects are wonderful. They make you confident of your own abilities. If you have a little knowledge of using electrical gadgets and are able to follow certain circuit diagrams and are used to using certain tools then a simple Installation of Outdoor Ceiling Lights would prove to be exciting for you and you would cry out, ‘Yes, I can do it’. Once you have decided where to fix the light, select a suitable light from modular lighting instruments.

Modular Lighting Instruments are the modern trendsetters in the field of architectural lighting. They come in appealing designs and cater to every taste. Modular lighting instruments have acquired international fame with their eccentric forms, and their features such as being environmentally friendly and energy savers too.

The basics of installing outdoor ceiling lights

The basics of installing outdoor ceiling lights have to be followed very strictly.

1. Check whether you have the right type of wiring.

2. Study the diagram that came with the kit till you understand it perfectly.

3. Read the tips and the instructions carefully. They will help to be successful in your attempt.

4. Keep necessary tools with you; tools such as pliers, screw driver, insulated wire stripper, tester, drill, hammer, electric tape, craft knife, plug and so on.

4. Switch off the power supply at the fuse box.

5. Switch off the miniature circuit breaker – MCB.

6. After removing the old fixture, you’ll notice three wires, white, black and a bare grounding wire.

7. Fix the new mounting bracket. Secure it well.

8. Connect the bare ground wire to the green ground screw on the bracket.

9. Connect the black and the white wires too in the same way, black to black and white to white.

10. Wrap all the connections with electrical tape firmly and totally.

11. Set the settings as shown, cover the box.

11. Attach the light to the fixture.

12. Switch on the power supply of the consumer box and the miniature circuit breaker.

There you can now say it again, ‘Yes, I can do it!’

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