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Dark is beautiful

‘Welcome to my world!’ you would want to say if you favor dark interiors and yet create dazzling outcome. Contrary to the belief that dark interiors or dark colored room walls make the room look small and compact, you can really create wonders even with darker shades of your favorite colors, provided you have the right lighting.

Lighting is the secret of an amazing effect, whatever the color of your room walls. Set the light right and breathe a sigh of relief. Try out modular lighting branch. Experiment with modular outdoor lighting too. The color of the shade of your lamps or chandelier lighting can make or break your warm, cozy, inviting impression of your house. So, be careful.

What type of lighting you select whether it is LED’s incandescent, or halogen or fluorescent bulbs, and how they are placed in the room and how their brightness is slashed over the walls, all matter when it comes to creating the right effect. You need to shop with expertise for this purpose. After all you would want the best.

Before finalizing on any shade, you’d like for your room walls, you should consider these basic facts:

1. How much natural sunlight does your room receive? If it is sufficiently good then you do not have to worry about the change in shade due to lighting during the day at least, but with the progress of the day the shade also will be changing due to reduction in the intensity of the sunlight.

2. Your painted walls can either look pleasing or may look drastic depending on the reflection from other surfaces like your floor tiles for instance. The floor tiles should be complimenting the color on the walls.

3. The surface texture of the walls will also affect the final look of your room.

4. The artificial light you use has the most significant impact on the color scheme of your room. So choose it carefully under the guidance of the designers. To get a warm effect, incandescent and halogen lighting are the best while to get a cool effect you should go in for fluorescent light.

5. The shadows affect the appearance of the color to an unbelievable degree. Dark-hued colors may look dull. Light shade of color would look better under shadow effect.

To conclude, we may say you must try out a little color at small places in different areas and observe the effect during the day and night and decide for yourself what soothes your senses after all you would be spending more time under its spell than anyone else.

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