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           Welcome to my world!!!


      Hi all! I am Karisha, but friends call me monkey, may be because I am too noisy or to sneaky!

    Someone once sayed that, who you are is what you do. I am a freelance artist. 

    If you came to check my web site, it means that you are creative, free sprit persone with many crazy ideas in your head.

    Do not hesitate to explore my world, order something and become inspired! Me and my team works really hard everyday to do our best.


    My interest to art started growing since I was a little kid. Through painting I express myself, my values and my believes. Every persone has its own story so as every picture. Each piece has something to tell. And I strongly believe that values which are expressed in my works matters not only to me. It is colorful, playful, exotic and sometimes messy, but it is what makes painting alive.


    Hip hop is the style which is closer to me. Hip hop is much more than just collorfull graffities on the wall and baggy jeans. It is all about sincerity and loytalty, sensitivity to others problems. And that is what my design is about as well.
    In a few weeks a new T-Shirt collection is going to be out. So pick the one you like and we will ship it everywhere in the world!

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