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Morris Plains Vet Gives Only the Best Care for Your Companion Pets

506d50b7ce26504102012.jpgMorris Plains Vet clinics and hospitals keep an important role in keeping our beloved pets healthy, strong and happy.

Most pets especially those pure breed ones, have a latent if not inherited health problems that requires constant checkups and health care services. So if you want to own a purebred dog do an extensive  research on the breed that you would like to own, so you would know what to expect from the dog that you plan to own.

Also knowledge of the nearest animal clinic or hospital is very helpful in cases of emergencies. Knowing what kinds of services they offer, their service fees, facilities, and a brief information about their staffs and vets gives you an overview of how they handle and attend to your pet’s needs.

Animal Clinic of Morris Plains is one of the most visited vet clinics in the area. They offer different kinds of pet health and grooming services like animal boarding, animal daycare, animal grooming, microchipping, flea control, declawing, spaying/neutering, veterinary surgery, veterinary dentistry, reptile and small animal care, avian and exotic healthcare, wildlife animal vet, vaccinations and many more.

The clinic also has a welcoming and pet friendly environment, and caring staffs and vets that has many years of experience when it comes to animal handling and animal disease treatment. Also they have spacious place for your companion pets if in case you want someone to look after them while you are away. They have a special room for cats that is complete with spacious condos, a room for exotic and avian animals, and has an interior climate controlled boarding facilities available for all kinds of pets.

They also accommodate Second Chance Pet Adoption League and helped give puppy mill survivors and surrendered pets a second chance. Their adoption day is scheduled every Sunday from 12:30 noon to 3pm.

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