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Levels with an iPad Point-of-Sale With an iPad point of sale software solution in place, you can take your restaurant to an entirely new digital era. An iPad POS System software solution is the most affordable budget-minded means of upgrading your business to the the digital future without any of the worries and high costs that traditional POS comes with. The newest and most streamlined solution for restaurants that wish to improve their POS system includes integrated digital menu software – so you can offer your guests feature-laden iPad menus when they are seated. Some key desirable staples offered with iPad POS include: - Included digital time clock and scheduling eases managerial workload and reduces scheduling errors. - Cloud-based remote access to the network allows you to access iPad POS from anywhere. - Inventory tracking and management sends helpful alerts when items are low . - One-button reporting affords easy reports at the push of a button. Lowering Overhead Costs One of the foremost benefits of using the iPad POS system is that it’s ridiculously cost effective ; about 80% cheaper than conventional POS. No longer do you have to shell out thousands of dollars per POS unit , and then spend more money on multiple-use licenses if you have more than one iPad POS system . With an iPad POS system in place that runs on efficient Apple powered tablets , you can add as many sales points as you desire, and only have to spend an affordable one-time fee for the iPad tablets . The point of sale software synchs to your digital menus as well—enabling customers to use their debit or credit cards securely at the table with instantly emailed receipts. What to Know You Are Going to Be Offered with an iPad POS System Here’s what you can expect from the best iPad POS system. - Should be cost effective. - Service provider should offer low monthly rates with feasible upfront investment in POS tablets . - Should feature digital menu with high-resolution pictures, detailed descriptions, pay-at-table features and and many more . - Software should be compatible with most major accounting software.


- Should include reservation app for app marketplaces for online reservations. - Solution should incorporate easy reporting and provide instant and detailed information. - Employee time card system should be built-in . - Cloud-based hosting enables secure and remote access for owners and managers. - There shouldn’t be any multiple-use licenses or lengthy contracts. - Should include suite of smartphone applications like reservation app, mobile menu app and food delivery app. - Should not require any contracts.
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