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Beautiful Irish Wedding Rings

Irish wedding bands can be recognized as having a specific design that represents the eternity, infinity and the love between the bride and groom. These rings are usually not made from precious metals, but from tungsten, sterling silver, stainless steel and are known for not using a stone in the middle, like many wedding bands do (especially the lady wedding bands).

In general, these types of bands are similar for both members of the new family, the only difference between them being represented by the dimension; the wedding band of the bride is obviously smaller.

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Irish rings are divided into several categories: Claddagh rings, Celtic rings, anniversary bands and others. An Irish wedding band can use diamonds or emeralds too, only that they do not use these on a very large scale, like other rings do. What is certain is that they don't feature a stone in the middle, like we have earlier said. Instead, they can use little diamonds placed in small locations formed by the design of the ring.

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A very important category of those presented in this article is the Claddagh rings, in which there are placed the most interesting Irish wedding rings. In fact, this type of rings can be offered as a token of love or friendship as well, not only for marriage. The design of this type of ring is represented by 2 hands that hold a heart; above that heart there is a crown, emphasizing the fact that the love is noble and like this is everyone that is in love. It was reported that the first Irish wedding band to have this shape was created in the city of Galway, in a small fishing village, named Claddagh. This is why these rings are called the Claddagh rings.

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Wearing an Irish wedding band is different from wearing any other band. First of all, all Irish wedding bands have a significance, in most cases different from what other bands try to express. Secondly, you need to understand that the way you wear your ring sends a message about you, in other words, tells people if you are married or not. If we are talking for example about the Claddagh rings, you can tell everyone that you are single by wearing your ring on your right hand, with the heart facing outwards. If you wear the ring with the heart facing inwards, you will tell them that your wedding is soon to come and your heart is already taken. When the wedding ring is worn on the left hand, it is clear you are married. Make sure the heart is facing inwards again.

You don't have to be born in Ireland to wear an Irish wedding band, although these rings have a much profound significance if they are worn indeed by native Irish people. Irish wedding bands can be found all over the Internet, but the most authentic ones can be bought from sites ending in .ie (the extension representing Ireland), not in .com.

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