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In the new industrial revolution comes, Coach outlet store government must transform the role, it will be very easy good evil, imperceptibly hampered enterprise's transformation. In the industrial revolution in enterprise will have a mighty wave crashing on a sandy shore process. A large number of traditional industry, traditional industry should be eliminated. Death is life. While the government's first response is often to protect the existing industry and company. The government will provide subsidies to the old factory, tried to save the dying traditional industry. In our country, government may help to those who have all kinds of connections with contact and the government have backward state-owned enterprises and can provide many recent tax old industry, Coach outlet online but the results are artificially block up of the enterprise and social progress. The pursuit of growth rate, keen on the scale of the extensive growth pattern, coincided with the miniaturization, individuation, diversification of new industry trends contrary. For the emerging industry, the government used to directly select the winner, a large amount of financial fund for the support they think is a good new technology. However, in order to individuation, diversification is a feature of new markets, government operation mechanism is very difficult to adapt to the ever-changing market and technology. Coach outlet In the new industrial revolution, the government should play what role, is an unsolved problem.

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