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Tips Pertaining To Cruise Venture Etiquette

Spending a spring break vacation on a cruise ship can be as busy or as quiet as the traveler wishes. For college students, this is a prime opportunity to sleep in, relax and party. There is much to do during both day and night when the ship is at sea during spring break cruises. Here are just a few options.

Nervous about getting seasick? Don't be. Most of today's cruise ship communications are so large, you can hardly even feel the boat rocking. If you think you are prone to motion sickness, do yourself a favor and take a gulf tour. For example, the cruises to the Western Caribbean are much smoother than the Eastern because the boat is in the calmer Caribbean waters, not the Atlantic. And there are many brands of motion sickness meds, including the patch that works wonders.


The insulating factor of any product that is used to insulate your home is assigned an R value or R factor. This number is used to determine how much of a given insulation is needed for your home depending upon the location of the house in this country. Northern homes typically require more insulation than southern homes due to the harsh winter in the north. The chart can be referenced to remote communication determine how much insulation your house requires. Different areas of your home need different levels of insulation. The list below shows the recommended attic R-value for homes in the Midwest.

To begin you will need to run the tubing from the machine up through the access point of your attic. If there are any joints in the tubing, duct tape them together to avoid any insulation blowing out into your house. Once the tubing has reached the farthest point away from your access hole to the attic, you are ready to begin blowing the insulation in. You will need to tell your partner who is operating the machine to start and to stop throughout the process. A two way radio works well for this.

About ten years ago I discovered my favorite horticultural heaven, The Flower Farm which is located in Gardener, Kansas southwest of Kansas City. This greenhouse and nursery is open year round and you will be able to find anything from tropical plants to your garden vegetable plants. They have a large variety of culinary herbs and medicinal herbs that are sometimes difficult to find.

All luxury ships lines offer a variety of onboard activities for their spring break vacationers. From scavenger hunts and bingo to movies and dancing lessons, there is something for everyone. There are stores and restaurants to check out from early morning until late evening. Comedians, bands and singers are also slated throughout the day and night to keep passengers entertained.

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