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How to make a decent application


If you wish to apply to NERDRAGE, then please read the following guidelines and then post your application: -

Before you apply to NERDRAGE, you should be able to meet the following requirements: -
- Have a friendly & helpful personality
- Be a team-player. We are not here for personal glory
- Have a decent understanding of English (written & spoken)
- All of our guild-members are consulted before a new member is invited. If any of our members have had any 'issues' with a potential new member then, to preserve the friendly nature of the guild, it's unlikely that we will invite that person.

In the title of your application, please state the following: -

Character Name | Character Level | Spec | Raider OR Social Application

In your application, please provide the following information: -

Character Name:

Character Class:

Character Level:

Character Race:

Your Age:

Where are you from:


Talent Spec (WoW Armory Link would be good):

Current Gear (WoW Armory Link would be good):


Previous Raiding Experience:

Previous Guilds & Why You Left:

Panel title

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