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Astrology is the science of future telling. All the things which occur in human life are predestine but no one can know their future except a one person who can tell everything about human future. That person is known as astrologer. Astrology is a branch of science which deals with the effects of planets with human life. All the planets and other heavenly bodies in this universe have a specific effect in human daily life. Planets are always rotating in a fixed path with the change in their location its effect in the human life also changes. All the human beings have a specific leading planet which control human life and their character. Some planets radiate some special radiation which also controls human life. From the ancient period of time many astrologers use to study astrology and some of them become very famous due to their new discoveries. These astrologers were present all over the world including India. Astrologer can understand the effect of planets in human life and tell their future.

 They can make the horoscope of human beings. Horoscope is the graphical representation of the position of planets in human life. Some astrologer can make exact horoscope of human beings. As the time progresses the astrology become much more developed and many new divisions of astrologist have been discovered. Astrologer of today time are using many new techniques and software for calculating human future and making human horoscope. Beside planets there are many precious stones which also effect in human life. These stones are called game stones. A good astrologer can prescribe the suitable stones for a particular human being. Each stones have a specific effect in human life. They can control the bad effects of planets in human life. An astrologer can suggest a person which type of stone will help him or her. In India the study and culture of astrology was continuing from the ancient period of time. Indian astrologers were set a trained in the field of astrology all over the world during Vedic period. This field of astrology is known as Vedic astrology. Another branch of astrology is vastu.

Vastu is the position of house and different household things and their effects in human life. This culture was started in India and gradually it started to spread all over the world. With the advancement of the time as the technology become much more developed astrologer are using many new techniques and software. Now a day’s astrology is also available online. By online astrology you can know your future and make horoscope in a very quick time. Astrologers are the main person of astrology. As they only can read human future their demand will never be decrease. Many people goes to the astrologers for their education, finance, love or marriage. Peoples are now making their homes after consulting a vastu specialist. Like ancient period in the modern period the astrology and the astrologers are related with the daily life of human being.
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