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Should You Really Be Developing Programs With Java

What Is Java?

Basically, this is a programming language that has sort of become the voice of computers in a way. It was designed back in 1995 by Sun Microsystems, and has since then been picked up by the Oracle Corporation. It’s very similar to C and C++ which almost makes the framework look the exact same, but it’s just a generally easy to learn language which has a general purpose. It’s used in a wide variety of things as well which has made it so popular.

Back when it started and was created, the web wasn’t really that common and the internet wasn’t really a popular idea as people were still going outside. With the up and rising World Wide Web, that’s when java started gaining more and more popularity every single day. More people started using them for games, for their web applications and now in our modern age, we can even see them in some of our handheld devices as well. It’s crazy to think how much time has changed and where they’re currently headed.

Technically though, advanced java files are actually compiled into what’s known as class files (or bytecode for nerds). You then have to interpret that data that’s been compiled by an interpreter to achieve your end result. These interpreters are commonly known as Java Virtual Machines and they exist for pretty much every operating system out there which includes (Windows, UNIX, Macintosh).

Java has high portability and can easily be transferred from one computer to the next computer which also adds to its high demand and makes it so successful. Some of the other top programming languages can be an absolute nightmare to move from one computer to another, but thanks to Java’s robust environment and its independent platform, you can easily move it from point A to point B.

Security features also grab the attention of a lot of professionals in the industry because as technology grows, security becomes more important than ever as people are always looking for ways to get into our PCs and obtain our information. Java is constantly updated against the latest security threats and new to java always strives to ensure maximum security from hackers, exploits, bugs and viruses that may slip through the cracks. It’s so common to hear about those viruses that were unloaded on a website utilizing Java and it’s not because the language isn’t secure, it’s that it’s so commonly wide spread, some intelligent hackers manage to find ways to slip some through the cracks.

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