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The football code of conduct is a set of rules put in place Nike NFL Jerseys to be followed by players, coaches, officials and spectators. In addition, it sets forth the guidelines for penalties to be imposed should the code be violated.Other People Are ReadingSportsmanship Code of ConductHow to Customize a Jet's NFL Jersey for KidsPrint this article Coaching ethicsCoaches should be responsible for the conduct of all players. Members of the coaching staff should not engage in activity that is critical of players, especially in front of spectators. All coaches should set the example in personal conduct at all times.Player ethicsAll players should practice good sportsmanship and foster a positive attitude. They should realize that their individual efforts should be in the best interests of the team. Players should demonstrate courtesy and respect to teammates, opponents, coaches and the officials, and not engage in behavior that would be deemed rude.Spectator ethicsSpectators should not openly criticize members of the opposing team, coaches or the officials . Excessive coaching from the sidelines, profanity and profane gestures should be avoided as well.PenaltiesFor spectators, violations of the code of conduct can be grounds for immediate ejection from the stands. For players, removal from the game and/or subsequent games can result. Members of the coaching deemed to violate the code can result in expulsion, suspension or forfeiture of the game. Officials can be removed from their officiating duties and/or NFL Jerseys suspended if found to violate the rules of ethics that pertain to their position.
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