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rock in roll welcome to about us. this is some short information about what we play what music we like and also about were we are from. let me start with my self, my name is Nichlas im 19 years old and im from Denmark. i like Rock music and alot more music but Rock is my favorit kind of music. then lets move on with the other members in the band. my littelbrothers name is Tobias and he is a big fan of techno and Rock music. Mikkel haun the bassist normaly likes pop music and Rock music but i he also listning to other kind of music. the last one Sebastian byg. he normaly likes Rock and Pop but is also a littel fan of tecno. this was some information about us hope you all still will keep Rocking and have fun.

Ps all members are from Denmark i forgot to tell about that sorry angry.gif


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