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Check out my new page, 'cause I'll probably not be using this so much anymore:


I'm Nikki, as you might get of the headliner ^^ But you can just call me Chucky, I love that nickname. Some people might better know me as Nikki Sakin Zero, but that's way too long time since I last was called that, so I prefer Chucky or just Nikki. Way too much info about that little, huh? xD


+++ I'll try to keep my blog updated every Saturday, AT LEAST! :D


I'm a really random person, and you might never have met any person this positive and happy as I am. Stuff you would recognize me at; always positive, laughing, smiling and 'effin cute cheeks.:i


And don't get me wrong, but I say MY oppinion, and if you can't take the truth, then don't even think to bore me at the first place, okay?


To prepare you from the beginning, sometimes I can be really smart, and almost annoyingly smart, and other times, my brain doesn't work, like it won't kickstart even.. That's what I call my blonde moments. :'D


Just some of the musicians I like; Tokio Hotel, Cinema Bizarre, Michael Jackson, Lady Gaga, Papa Roach, Avenged Sevenfold,  Avril Lavigne, An Cafe, Green Day, Good Charlotte, Simple Plan, Evanescence & Fall Out Boy.


I'm no ordinary girl, lmfao kinda, tomboy, horrors, Jackass, Miami Ink, rock, concerts, rap, Viva La Bam, friends, the Twilight saga, my cat Zero, The Dudesons, tattooes, Coca Cola Zero, baggy pants, concerts, drawings, photographing, fan fics and much more weird stuff.


My fanfics update:


  • I've deleted them all from this page, but I'm gonna make an account somewhere to post them, then I'll post the links on my page, so you still can read them!



Check these pages out too!


F R A N K .


K U K I .



Well that's all that I've got on my heart at the moment :'D

Peace, love and music. Nikki xoxo

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