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The intention of this article is to give a detailed overview of the hair shampoo called nioxin and the several unique systems available for different hair types. There are eight nioxin shampoos in all.

Nioxin System 1 and 2

Levels 1 and 2 are for thin and fine hair. The difference between level 1 & 2 is that level one is slightly weaker and does not have SPF, unlike level two that does and is more potent.

Levels 3 & 4

Then it goes on to levels 3 and 4, which is for chemically treated hair. Thus if you have recently dyed your hair or had some other similar treatment then these are the Nioxin systems for you.

Similar to how level 2 is stronger than level 1, the same applies here also. Level 4 has the SPF in it. If you only have a minor amount of hair loss then level 3 is right for you. If not then you require level 4.

Thus if your hair is shedding then levels 1 to 4 are what you need to be using. In the case where hair is not treated but shedding, then level 2 is what you require.

Levels 5 and 6

Level 5 is different because that is for medium and course hair. However if your hair is thicker in nature then you would want to go for level 5 nioxin treatment. If your hair is not treated then level 5 and 6 are what you need, and level 6 is for further hair shedding.

Nioxin Levels 7 and 8

These 2 levels are for hair that has been treated chemically. Use level 7 if you have milder hair loss and nioxin level 8 is for medium hair loss that is coarser in nature.

Consumer Testimonial

Consumer 1

I had hair that was thinning due to Diabetes and a friend recommended I try Nioxin. My hair is very much fuller after using the shampoo for a year.

Customer 2

I noticed a decreased amount of hair in the shower and comb whilst using this.

Consumer 3

I have been using Nioxon for over 10 years. The difference is immense and no nioxin side effects

Consumer 4

Nioxin increases the hair thickness. This works well on balding hair.

Testimonial 5

I have to admit i wasn't sure about the product, but I am seeing results, even though it takes 2-3 months to see results!

Consumer 6

My hair dresser told me about her spouse used this for a long time and his hair has not shedded at all.

Testimonial 7

Its worth every penny. It is the only treatment that has managed to stop my hair from balding more.

Customer nioxin reviews 8

This is brilliant for those with thin hair. It did a great job for my hair.

Consumer 9

I used this for a few months and was delighted with the effect. My hair stopped balding almost completely. 
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