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Competely Cost-free & Usable - Now!

I wrote this hub in 2009 - it really is pleasurable to study once again and feel of new means to use $100. Get pleasure from!

The present economy is scary to most and the considered of obtaining 100 entirely totally free and usable bucks suitable now could appear like some delusional dream, but let's perform anyway. The extra you feel and truly feel like you have cash the extra possible you are to actually have it, plus it offers the outdated thoughts a break from worrying about what is going on with the world's finances...

This game is primarily based on a recommendation from Esther and Jerry Hicks' newest guide, Money and the Law of Attraction. According to the Hicks' one will actually raise their very own individual vibration and be in a memory foam pillow position to entice extra cash into their daily life while playing.

Aside from that, it really is just pleasurable! It reminds me of playing Monopoly as a youngster. Something that gets one in touch with a pleasant childhood memory is worthwhile if you ask me!

100 Techniques to Shell out $100

When I very first made the decision to create this hub I did not notice I'd be carrying out what I have just committed to do: designate 100 means to spend $100. On the other hand, a big portion of me feels like it will be quite straightforward!

As a aware particular person and entrepreneur it is my intention to spend this cash in means that are for the highest superior of all. If you're not up for reading through my 100 means just scroll down and include your very own!

100 Techniques to Shell out $100

  1. Have a cleaning particular person come to my household and clean all of individuals regions that I only detail "sometimes".
  2. Have my motor vehicle detailed since yummy snacks make their way into interesting destinations from time to time. :o)
  3. Purchase one tasty grocery cart total of organic fruits and veggies.
  4. Purchase one scrumptious grocery cart total of organicsleepmentor beans, rice, and whatever else I am feeling enthusiastic about (that adds up to $100).
  5. An EFT session with Deborah Donnedlinger to aid with my daughter's meals allergy symptoms (which have cleared substantially since obtaining sessions with Deborah).
  6. A different EFT session with Deborah Donnedlinger to aid with my son's environmental allergy symptoms.
  7. $100 for my oldest youngster to spend in whatever way she needs.
  8. $100 for my son to spend even so way he needs.
  9. $100 for my youngest to spend how she needs.
  10. Shell out up up coming month's electrical & water bill.
  11. Shell out up up coming month's all-natural gas bill.
  12. Purchase ample city trash bags to final two months or extra!
  13. Shell out up up coming memory foam pillow month's cell phone/world-wide-web bill.
  14. Shell out back some loans :o).
  15. Donate some cash to my child's college.
  16. Donate some cash/meals to a regional shelter.
  17. Come across individuals folks in town who are busking for cash and give them some.
  18. Inform my ex-husband he can send $100 much less of youngster help this month.
  19. Send my grandma $100 (she's constantly so sweetly sending me cash to spend on "whatever").
  20. Shell out my site hosting charges - for a year!
  21. Seek the advice of with a marketing expert for Facebook to understand the "suitable" means to market place my enterprises (I am just carrying out it the outdated fashioned way suitable now).
  22. Send my mom a present certificate for a massage.
  23. Invite my dad out to dinner at his favourite restaurant.
  24. Save a chunk in direction of visiting my brother out of state.
  25. Purchase a new personal computer desk... that has a rolling keyboard tray.
  26. Invest in a truly nifty organizing method/hutch/whatever will aid me in trying to keep my "piling" method tame :o).
  27. Floor revitalizer for the wood floors in our property.
  28. Organic cleaning supplies to final for a year.
  29. Eckhart Tolle DVDs.
  30. Presence deepening session with Karen McPhee.
  31. Google adsense for the parenting function I facilitate
  32. Purchase my little ones new winter garb.
  33. Set aside cash for bicycles for up coming year.
  34. Purchase some bird feed and feeders and feed the birds!
  35. Enroll my youngest in some nature center courses.
  36. Set aside cash for a luxurious trip.
  37. Fill up the gas tank and buy a  gas card for whatever cash is left more than.
  38. Purchase a present card at Kroger grocery retail outlet and hold onto it for myself or an additional family.
  39. Purchase a present card at Meijer grocery retail outlet and give it to anyone who can use it.
  40. Donate cash to a lead to that is focusing on *truly* assisting folks enable themselves.
  41. Send cash to households I visited in Costa Rica when I was a teen.
  42. Gift a friend.
  43. Purchase a stock of thank you and thinking of you cards to send out to loved ones.
  44. Purchase a roll of stamps to send out the cards I bought.
  45. Donate some cash to Amy Flynn, Power Healer.
  46. Invest in a session for my daughter with meals allergy symptoms with Eve Wilson, of Spiritual Healers.com, who also aided a great deal when we initially located out she had 20+ allergy symptoms.
  47. Purchase a month's provide of oat milk, soy yogurt, and frozen fruit (smoothies!).
  48. Support Christine Kloser's Past Mindset Village.
  49. Invest in high top quality audio equipment for recording teleclasses and interviews.
  50. Donate cash to www.EnjoyParenting.com.
  51. Grow to be a member of IAC and get started the system of certification.
  52. Shell out for in property childcare for two half days (to catch up on function in the property office).
  53. Send my friend Christine $100 for getting such a wonderful friend.
  54. Send my friend Michelle $100 for getting an additional wonderful friend.
  55. And Rebecca
  56. And Ashley
  57. And Andrea
  58. And Jen
  59. And Kelli
  60. And Nadine
  61. And Laura
  62. And Joanne
  63. And Heloisa
  64. And my brother, Chad, awesome graphic & internet designer!
  65. And any other friend who did not pop to thoughts in the present moment (that could include up to a great deal!)
  66. Laughter Yoga workshop or class
  67. Meditation for Youngsters training with Sarah Wood
  68. Virtual Assistant through Multiple Streams Workforce
  69. A new memory foam pillow.
  70. A truly extended time provide of Eco-dent Tooth powder
  71. A trip to a holistic dentist for myself...
  72. And every single one of my little ones (oldest)
  73. (middle)
  74. (youngest)
  75. Fire wood (it really is going to get cold, soon!)
  76. Vitamix blender (okay, this will take a couple of hundred bucks so I will be saving for a minute - only until my $100 replenishes, even though, and that's suitable now!)
  77. Tithe at a church I don't attend.
  78. Donate to a truly awesome business I like that's just starting out and can truly use the funds.
  79. Donate to a teen who is dreaming large and could use the funds to make a dream into a actuality.
  80. Take a trip to a regional apple orchard and give away bags of apples to households who would like some - totally free!
  81. Fill up my dad's gas tank (oh - would he be shocked!)
  82. Do anything exclusive for my up coming door neighbor or just give her the funds (we're so blessed to have such a type lady residing up coming to us!)
  83. Purchase some Lansinoh lanolin for chapped winter skin.
  84. Donate to La Leche League Worldwide, the world's foremost authority on breastfeeding.
  85. Donate to a regional LLL group.
  86. Outreach for Peace four Parents
  87. Editing/formatting for parenting guide that's virtually complete.
  88. 5 year subscription to Mothering magazine
  89. 5 year subscription to Compleat Mom magazine
  90. A check out to my wonderful grandpa.
  91. A check out to my wonderful grandpa and wonderful grandma.
  92. A check out to my friend Jen who I haven't observed in a while.
  93. And Kelli.
  94. And Nadine.
  95. And Christine.
  96. And Ashley.
  97. And Michelle.
  98. And Rebecca.
  99. And Andrea.
  100. Along with any person else I'd like to share corporation with!

Of program now that I have reached 100 I can conveniently feel of a couple of hundred extra, but now...

It really is Your Turn

Pretend like you actually have the $100 in your hand and you're playing the game for actual - truly feel what it feels like to truly have cash totally free to use in whatever way you want and it quickly replenishes. You are entitled to a minor pleasurable ~ Get pleasure from!

I'd appreciate to hear how you'd spend $100 so perform a minor... dream a great deal!

Peace is not a luxury, it really is a necessity.

Amy Phoenix is a gentle, nonetheless direct parenting manual, healing facilitator, and creator of Peace four Parents committed to sharing insights and practices to transform frustration and anger, heal the past, nurture aware relationships, and working experience the peace of the existing. You can also check out her at www.innatewholeness.com.

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