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Will This Program Work for me?


There are so many weight loss programs in the market and it is quite hard in choosing and pinpointing which one will work for you. Fat loss factor review will try to help you decide if this great program is for you or not. We will be fair in answering questions related to this weight program.

Some common questions and related answers may include:

Who Started the Fat Loss Factor?

Fat loss factor was started by Dr. Charles Livingston, a famous persona in the health industry. He is also involved into nutrition and fitness.

How the program works?

The program runs for twelve weeks and users of this program are recommended to start and finish the  program right on track. On the first part of program is detoxification process. The detox process requires you to clean your diet plan by removing all the fatty foods, soft drinks and high caloric foods. In replace of these fatty foods, you should eat more of lean foods, veggies, fruits and fish. Organic foods are also required in this diet. Soda is also discouraged instead water is promoted. Drinking eight to twelve glasses of water each day is a great way to boost your metabolism

Aside from changes in your menu plan, some lifestyle changes are also taught under the program. For one, you are encouraged to eat carbs in the morning up to lunch instead in the dinner. This help your body burn the calories in the remaining part of the day unlike if you eat carbs in the evening.

Do I need to exercise while under Fat Loss Factor?

Yes, you need to exercise because balanced diet and exercise is required if you want to lose weight effectively. Exercises are different types so to avoid any injuries, your exercise will depend on your goals.

If you are just in the beginning stage  and have not exercise in the past, it is recommended that you start first on stretching then brisk walking. Brisk walking for at least 15 to 30 minutes is a good way to start. You can increase the length of your exercise after couple of weeks.

Am I a good candidate for this weight program?

You can be a good candidate for the program if your desire is to lose weight safely and risk free. This program is characterized with methods, which are easy to follow. No magic, no injections and no out of this world concoction instead you can lose weight with just following several tips.

In addition, women who have waist measurement of 32 inches are a good candidate for this program. Likewise, waist measurement for men with 35 inches is expected to help well in the program.

How much is the cost?

This weight program is very economical. There are no monthly fees and no hidden charges. You can simply buy the internet portal and you start automatically the program. You may also enjoy the online support of their program after joining.


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