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Sustainable agriculture with biotechnology

By improving crop health and achieving higher crop yields we can make more efficient use of agricultural resources, and improve food security.


Novozymes and sustainable agriculture

Novozymes has a long history of serving the agriculture industry. If your farming practices has not yet directly benefited from using one of our biotechnology products, chances are it has indirectly benefited from one of Novozymes’ many bio solutions.


Our bio solutions help agriculture move toward more sustainable farming: Farmers can enjoy healthier crops, higher yields, and improved animal nutrition, but we also ensure better global food security and sustainable farming practices. Read more here [link to Agriculture].


No food waste with biotechnology

Enzymes can help keep bread soft for a longer time. This is an advantage to the retailer as well as the consumer because both need to throw less hard bread away. As the production of bread uses agricultural land and energy, a reduction in bread waste reduces the use of agricultural land (and the impact on the climate), thus contribution to food security. Read more about the enzymes for bread here [link to Food].


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