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Resource efficiency with biotechnology

Sustainability benefits include water and energy, wastewater and consumption of chemicals – see examples of efficient use of global resources.


Detergents and resource efficiency

Novozymes’ enzymes can replace traditional chemical ingredients, allowing manufacturers to produce a laundry detergent that gives consumers cleaner, whiter, brighter, and softer clothes. By using our enzymes you can replace traditional chemical ingredients like surfactants and builders with low-volume, bio-based, and readily biodegradable enzymes, offering a sustainable detergent that can also be used at low temperatures


Textiles and resource efficiency

Novozymes’ enzyme technology for textile mills reduces the use of chemicals and treatment steps required compared with conventional processing. Furthermore, processing times are generally shorter and processing temperatures generally lower which all translates into water and energy savings and reduced emission of chemicals with the wastewater. Other biotechnology examples of resource efficiency within textiles comprise “bio-polishing” - saving gas and hereby energy and contribution to global warming – and “scouring” – whereby enzymes enable a faster and gentler process with lower energy, water and chemical consumption. Read more about textiles here.

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