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Our customers experience ever increasing demands for sustainable solutions coming from both national regulatory bodies and from their customers, looking for sustainable supply chain partners. In other words, sustainability is becoming a multi-stakeholder concern. Novozymes see sustainability as a business driver, and our technology can assist our customers in achieving both cost savings and reduced environmental impacts through reduction in raw materials, substitution of chemicals and improvement of product quality.

Transforming business challenges into sustainability opportunities

Our customers recognize that sustainable solutions can be better and more profitable in the long run. Novozymes’ sustainable solutions are applied in a number of industries helping to turn business challenges into sustainable business opportunities. Here are a few examples:

·         Reduce raw materials costs: many of our customers are experiencing fluctuating raw material prices and volatile markets. Novozymes’ bio-solutions can help customers reduce raw material costs by improving raw material efficiency and by substituting traditional chemicals with more sustainable alternatives. Learn more here [link to subpage]

·         Build green claims: Our customers seek innovative solutions to reduce their carbon emissions. We help our customers reduce carbon emissions and thereby build and validate their green claims through the application of our enzymes and bio-solutions. Learn more here[link to subpage]

·         Ensure a sustainable supply chain: The increasing pressure on companies to pursue sustainable supply chain management is a challenge for many companies. Novozymes is turning this challenge into an opportunity by providing our customers with tangible life-cycle assessments (LCA) of their production processes. Novozymes’ strong commitment to sustainability makes Novozymes a responsible supplier. Learn more here[link to subpage]

·         Improve sustainable business practices: For Novozymes, sustainability is an integral part of our day-to-day business. It is who we are and what we do. We are happy to share our sustainability knowledge and discuss with our customers how they can pursue sustainable business within their industry. Learn more here[link to subpage]

·         Sustainable business with biotechnology in your industry: Currently, we are helping our customer in numerous industries build business on sustainability. Examples include:

o   More sustainable agriculture

o   More sustainable bioenergy

o   More sustainable Biopharma

o   More sustainable food and beverages

o   More sustainable household care

o   More sustainable textiles

o   More sustainable pulp and paper

o   More sustainable wastewater solutions

Find the industry-specific examples on how we assist our customers in building a sustainable business here [link to 2.5 more sustainable industries]

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