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How Novozymes engages with stakeholders


Novozymes has a long tradition of engaging with our stakeholders, and our organizational setup, anchored by our Sustainability Development Board, assures that our stakeholders’ concerns are integrated into our strategic decision-making. We consider our stakeholders essential to our current and future successes.


Our stakeholders are institutions and individuals in the private and public sectors, as well as in society at large, that influence Novozymes' business and vice versa. Examples of our stakeholders are customers, suppliers, employees, civil society and non-governmental organizations (NGOs).


Seeing the world through our stakeholders’ eyes

We engage with stakeholders with a variety of needs and interests. Therefore, our stakeholder engagements often evolve on a case-by-case basis and vary significantly in nature. The outcome from engaging with our stakeholders is important input to our strategy development, thereby ensuring that our future activities are conducted in a sustainable manner and that the activities take into account key stakeholder interests.


As our organization becomes more global and complex, we recognize that a systematic approach to identifying and responding to our stakeholders’ concerns is important to our future success. As a result, we map stakeholders and their interests of relevance to specific issues when initiating new projects and activities.


See examples of how we work with specific stakeholders, and see in which memberships and commitments we participate:

·          Customer engagement

·          Suppliers

·          Community engagement/society

·          NGOs- NB. underside mangler i arkitektur, men teksten er klar

·          Commitments and memberships - NB. underside mangler i arkitektur, men teksten er klar



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