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Customer engagement


We believe that the best ideas and solutions come out of engagement with stakeholders. Here are some examples of how Novozymes has engaged with specific customers and our customers' customers.


We work closely with our customers to find the right technological solutions, and sometimes also on the co-development of claims based on documentation provided by LCA studies. In connection with the launch of our enzyme, Ondea® Pro, which makes it possible to produce beer based on barley, Novozymes and the Danish brewery, Harboe, supported each other’s marketing efforts by coordinating the launch of the enzyme and Harboe’s new beer, Clim8, on the occasion of COP15 to attract maximum attention through synergies. The marketing of Clim8 as environmentally friendly was documented by an LCA study carried out by Harboe and Novozymes. – are there any other examples?

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As a company that leads the way in promoting sustainable practices for forward-thinking companies, Novozymes has both an interest and an obligation to share our sustainability knowledge and passion with our customers – and sometimes even with our customers' customers. In August 2008, Novozymes was invited to be the keynote speaker and co-host at a sustainability conference held by the world's largest retailer, Walmart. Among the participants were both existing Novozymes customers, who were already familiar with our solutions, and Walmart suppliers with no previous knowledge of Novozymes. The purpose was to give Walmart's suppliers examples of how to create more and better consumer products with less negative impact, for example by using enzymes and microorganisms. – nb: har vi et nyere eksempel?



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