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Engagement with suppliers


Novozymes find it to be good business sense to create strong partnerships with our suppliers. As a result, Novozymes has been on the forefront of developing an integrated supplier program analyzing both the risks and opportunities in the supply chain.


In 2009, Novozymes introduced a supplier program to evaluate and engage further with our suppliers. This implies that Novozymes engage with our suppliers to raise sustainability standards and to identify new business opportunities in collaboration with our stakeholders. In other words, the new supplier program has enhanced the dialogue and thereby engagement with our suppliers on how to drive sustainability.


The Innovation Day

Here is one exampe of how Novozymes engage with suppliers. In 2012, Novozymes invited selected suppliers to participate in an Innovation Day. The Innovation Day was aimed at creating a closer partnership with selected suppliers in the future. It will further anchor the sustainability agenda with our suppliers to reward proactive solutions and invite for collaboration on solving supply chain challenges, leading to business opportunities for both sides.


Insert picture from the innovation day


Learn more about how we engage with our suppliers.: [link to “sustainable purchasing” and link to “supplier management” at sourcing site + link til level 2.3. sustainable supply chain].


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