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Community engagement – corporate citizenship


Novozymes engage in community activities, to give back to our communities around the world.  As a world leader in bioinnovation, Novozymes has a tradition of contributing to biotechnology education.


As a responsible corporate citizen, Novozymes is committed to dedicating resources to forward-looking community engagement activities in our surrounding society. We dedicate our most unique resource which is to share our knowledge and passion within science and environmental responsibility to benefit and inspire the next generation of scientist and innovators. An example is our Citizymes project where we engage in projects and partnerships worldwide to teach young people about biotechnology and environmental responsibility. 


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Below you will find various examples of how we engage with our community through the Citizymes project.

Click on the map below to know a little more about our activities, or go to the subpage Examples of community engagement to learn more: [insert map and examples from this website:   


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