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How to develop a sustainability strategy


In Novozymes our sustainability strategy is the results of an explicit and well-structured process of going from sustainability trends to specific targets.


Novozymes has a well-defined trend spotting process which leads to our sustainability strategy and targets.


[insert infographic on our process from trendspotting to targets – evt. traktmodellen]


To support our aim of driving the world towards sustainability, Novozymes find it essential to be at the forefront of the sustainability trends and agenda both at a global and a local level. Therefore, Novozymes has a systematic approach to trendspotting which feed into the development of our sustainability strategy.


As shown in the model below, the process have several steps, starting with identification of trends through specific selected sources. These identified trends are then handed over to our Sustainability Development Board [SDB must be active link], which will then chose a few trends, which will be the focus of the sustainability strategy.The trends selected by the SDB will then be subject to a qualitative and quantitative materiality assessment, to make sure that the trends are relevant for Novozymes, which in other words means if these are trends that Novozymes can act upon.

This process enables Novozymes Sustainability Development Board to develop a sustainability strategy and related sustainability targets aligned with the newest trends and concerns within sustainability practices. 


If you are interested in learning more about how to develop a sustainability strategy, you are welcome to contact our Sustainability Development Team: [contact information]

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