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Read on if you want a green job and a biotech career that can create a brighter future, and find out about the science, engineering, student and graduate jobs and opportunities we offer. Or find out about our job benefits or job openings in India, the US, Brazil, China or Denmark.


A biotech job that makes a difference

Novozymes became a world leader in bioinnovation by working with partners to address the challenges of today and rethink the possibilities of tomorrow. We expect our employees to do the same, and we trust them to do so at all levels. We actively seek to recruit and foster employees who live our values – dare to lead, trust and earn trust, connect to create, and unlock passion – and we will support you and give you the foundation you need to lead, learn, and grow.

We hire the best people and offer our employees meaningful job in which they can grow. Find out how you can make a difference [link til job benefits- get a meaningful job],



Science jobs, engineering jobs, and student and graduate opportunities

Novozymes offers a variety of biotech jobs around the world. You can find out about the individual jobs in engineering [link], or science jobs [link], or you can see the job openings in your region [link] . We also work with students and graduates [link] and universities around the world, and many students, who have worked for us, enter a biotech career in Novozymes.


Job benefits

Novozymes has competitive compensation and benefit packages and offer you work life balance and a green, meaningful job. Find out more about the benefits of working for Novozymes.


Jobs in India, the US, China, Denmark and Brazil

You can see our job openings in your region, and you can read more about your particular region here:

  • Brazil
  • Denmark
  • China
  • India
  • The US


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