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11 Measures to Spray Paint Your Car Like the Professionals - Auto Bodywork Paint Repair

You will be surprised to find just the best way to spray auto paint actually can not be difficult. That does not mean that you can just grab a tin of paint and go at it. There are some fundamentals you must understand. Both in application and the preparation.

Step A:

Prepare by gathering all of your things that you are going to need. Make sure your surrounding area is protected against any possible finished aerosol. For other areas cover well with paper and masking tape.

Measure B:

You will have to analyze the car for any rough spots. These will need to be sanded with 300 grit sand paper. This will smooth out the rough spots. In addition, it allows the spray car paint to stick better. After you have finished sanding, make sure all the dust dirt and debris are taken off the vehicle. It's critical the car be totally clean.

Step C:

This will make sure you get an overall even coating of your colored paint plus helps the paint to stick well. When you spray on the primer, make sure you apply light coats and allow for drying in between. The way to spray on auto paint requires a little getting used to.

Step D:

Now you are pretty well to the point at which you happen to be about ready to spray on the shade. Either way, make several practice strokes on an object before you begin with the automobile. Once you happen to be ready, begin the passes with the paint without reluctance. If you hold the spray can or gun in one area, you may end up getting coverage that is uneven and possibly the Alloy Wheel Repair Billericay paint will run. If this happens you've got a major repair job on your had. You'll most probably have directions regarding how you can spray car paint using the equipment or spray cans.

Step E:

It is up to you whether you desire to wet sand between coats of color and primer paints. Check with someone that's familiar with how to spray car paint, or you may want to study this alternative on the web

Step F:

Once you're totally satisfied with the color, you're down to the finishing touches. You'll now want to apply several clear coatings. This will give the gloss and finished look to the car along with protect the finish. It will be up to you personally although likely two layers will be adequate. Make absolutely certain it is dry in between coats.

Step G:

Yet again, you've got the option of wet sanding if you prefer. Again, I will suggest you ask the advice of people that are comfortable with how to spray paint a car. If you decide to follow this step subsequently you need with these grits in this order. This will remove spots that could be too heavy in the clear coating application.


Step H:

Step I:

You should buff the surface. To try this just use a moderate cut polish.

Step J:

As a final touch, you might want to apply a couple of coats of wax.

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