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The LV Monogram Multicolores name of the 'Yan Secretary' first appeared in his mind, by horse Yan, Secretary of the Minhang District government's chief secretary, is one of the powerful figure of the district government, in some respects, his energy than a few deputy head of the bigger, the subway. municipal demolition work, he was responsible for. "Whether youLouis Vuitton Handbags Cheap are just against me, you pay the price!" Xiao Yu secretly 'Yan Secretary' words bear in mind in mind, this thing did not - ending! They waited two hours, the emergency room the lights finally went out. Looks gentle, middle-aged doctor wearing glasses vice gold from the inside out. The Xiaoyu see the doctor actually understanding, is the last to the hospital Xiaoqing surgery Caozhu Ren. "Caozhu Ren him how my godfather?" The Xiaoyu quickly rushed up. See Caozhu Ren Xiaoyu Xiaoyu, then not help but surprised a moment, listening to, know, the original patient Xiaoyu's godfather, could not help a sigh and tods shoes said, "the patient's condition is very bad, the body multiple fractures, liver bleeding, although we have done the greatest efforts, but the age of the patient is placed in here, if there is no miracle, you can also see your godfather the last time. " "What? chinese tea? Xiaoyu suddenly shocked, although he already had a heart ready, but suddenly can not accept. Caozhu Ren in the eyes flashed a trace of sadness, patted on the shoulder of Xiaoyu walked, went to linshanzx0830 the outside, he made an afternoon of surgery, the body has been very tired. Xiaoyu, also distracted with doing, go and look at the Father! "Li the pock see Caozhu Ren left, Xiaoyu has been standing still Leng Leng, are not on the ground before push Xiaoyu one. The Xiaoyu This woke up, stumbled into the emergency room. Saw Zhang lying on a bed, eyes closed, head, body covered with white sheets, nose stuck in the oxygen tube, a few wires extending out from under the sheets, connected to the surrounding monitoring instruments. "The godfather Tods womens moccasins! Godfather, how do you it?" Xiaoyu suddenly threw themselves on the bed, watching Zhang head and pale face, such as paper, and pains. Hear Xiaoyu Zhang head eyelids move effortlessly opened his eyes, a rough hand slowly lifted, Xiaoyu to tightly grip in their own hands. See the arrival of Xiaoyu, Zhang head as if suddenly restored a little Green Tea vigor. His mouth and shaking a few shaking, but still a trace of laugh lines, a very weak voice said, "Xiaoyu you, godfather useless, but also a fool."
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