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About the homecare:

is a lovely homecare located in Middelfart.
It was founded in 1971 and has ever since been a hit for the elderly.
We have selected our staff with care and made ​​sure that they fit into the Baltic Care and not least are good professionals.
We have 7 shifts in a day and 3 on the night to fit the
older as we have

In the Baltic Care we work with 3 values ​​that influence everything we do.
This means that we strive to act in accordance with the values ​​both in our relationship with residents, relatives, colleagues and the wider community.

The values

- Diversity
Is everything that makes us different.
Respect diversity.
Be open to using each other as resources beyond boundaries. Interest us for what colleagues / relatives / residents know and what they can.
We believe that is possible you through all the differences.

- Dignity and respect
Respect the individual's wishes.
Be present.
Interest to us for the individual.
Have a respectful tone and behavior
We know that it is important that people retain their right to self-determination and therefore not subjected to abuse
The preconditions for a feeling of being a whole person is someone interested in one, know who you are and what you want.

- Positive attitude and honesty
Trust each other
Have a positive attitude towards proposal / be receptive
for new ways of doing things
Finding solutions when there is something eerie us
What we say is also what we do
Be honest about opportunities
Be honest about its own limits and capabilities.
This creates a good atmosphere and a good environment in the Baltic Care.
It enables us to solve several tasks and address multiple challenges.

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