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Oil paintings are considered as one of the most distinctive part of human era. It has been a part of existence since from the time; man has domesticated himself inside some kind of shelter. It is one of the picturesque form of defining artistic expression and emotions. Since from past, it has taken different forms and continued to rise in present with many new discoveries and techniques. 

 Oil paintings is an art that is intricate, beautiful, attractive and rich as life. Its rich texture and vibrant colours make us fall in love with it. It is a language through which we can share our emotions, story and even history. Due to its beauty, charm and attraction, everyone wants to acquire it for his repertoire. 

 comes in much different type like contemporary, impressionism, abstract, still life and many more. As per individual need and what your eyes are seeking for one can explore form wide range of paintings. One can get paintings of landscapes, seascapes, religious figures, nature, etc., that can blend with any type of home and office interior. It can be one the most attractive, unique and luxurious feature for you place. It brings a touch of class, elegance to your home or office decor. 

 There are many venues available to browse, when it comes to selecting an oil painting. The web has opened many ways; by browsing different painting website one can easily buy from many different cultures and painter. Other than it,Red Bottom shoes one can also go for various art gallery and art house that hold auctions periodically. Such auctions may offer some good deals on oil painting. One should keep in mind that his selected painting must come down to his personal preference for colour and content before purchasing it.

 About The Author

 Shiv Raj Singh is a well-known portrait artist since 1952. He creates the unique and quality . Thousands are beautiful and prolific paintings with his signature are glorifying the walls of many homes and offices.

 The magic created by the colours of life on the canvas, whether its the innocence of a baby, pulchritude of woman, strength of a man or the experience the wizened skin, the strokes of brush brings it beautifully on the canvas. His paintings express emotions and passions. Black and white sketches have always expressed endless beauty in its own unique way.

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